Yoga Integrated Science…The Journey

miami_florida1The story of our dung beetle continues. The move to sunshine state went well, but as you might imagine was also very slow. Picture our dung beetle going from Louisville, KY to Miami, FL. Along the way, I (I mean dung beetle) had ample time to read “Everybody poops”, one his favorites. Leaving cold and snowy Kentucky after a Winter that seemed would never end, DB (sounds very cool if you use only initials) arrived in Miami the mind filled with hopes of finding a new studio, meeting new students, spreading the word of what intelligent yoga can be.  DB was dreaming big but missing terribly his studio back in Louisville and all the students he knew so well and enjoyed torturing (to quote a student). DB kept telling them it was their practice, and he was only giving indications. However students came expecting a workout, and of course DB indulged.

April moves in, and DB is busy getting the house together, there is so much work to do. DB keeps thinking he needs to practice, even if he is not teaching.  Weeks go by, DB is starting to have back issues.  Lauren Eirk is not here to work her M.A.T. on him.  Quickly, because his back is hurting, DB does not want or cannot do yoga. Maybe his back is hurting because he is not practicing.  Along the way DB starts losing faith and begins doubting, what if he is not and never was a teacher. What if teaching in Louisville was just circumstantial? DB decides to take a few classes at a gym nearby and comes back very disappointed.    In fact, in one of the classes the teacher not only adjusted him without asking or knowing anything about his health but also proceeded to tell him his child pose was not correct and that he needed to put his feet such and such ways.  Students, if one teacher tells you one day that your child’s pose is NOT correct, either leave the class or never come back. I, I mean DB, chose to never go back to that class.  We all know child pose is yours, this is your comfortable place, your sanctuary.  You can always get back to it.

Spring ended, Summer came in early, hot and humid. Don’t be fooled, it is a euphemism.  It is not just hot and humid but hot and drenching.  Why drenching? It is because you are either drenched in sweat, or drenched period. As the storms roll in day after day, sometimes never leaving, once again, it makes it difficult to practice yoga.  One of DB’s favorite activities, yoga on the beach is impossible.  Good thing DB is busy preparing his trip to France for his wedding.

Return from France, ring on his hand, DB must decide what to do. First of all he started yoga slowly, and made a note of what had become weaker over the last few months. DB soon realized he had lost a lot of strength while he was not doing anything, not pushing any dung around.  The danger at that point was to try to start exactly where he left off.  It is very tempting, but also very dangerous. DB had become de-conditioned.  In order to help with his motivation DB asked a fellow insect to do yoga with him, nothing too strenuous.  It is taking a while but last I saw Dung Beetle, he seemed to be doing better, even knocking on doors to check about teaching yoga.  It appears that teacher or not, our Dung Beetle is going to have just as much difficulty staying motivated as any student.

Dung Beetle is yet to write the next chapter, but I am certain he will let us know when it is here.