Yoga Integrated Science Mechanix™

YogaIS-86Yoga I.S. Mechanix™ will challenge your current view of Yoga.  Throughout the years, there have been classes that have attempted to use added resistance in yoga postures, such as dumbbells, weighted bars, elastic tubing, and instability equipment.  If you have tried this kind of class, you may have noticed that many times these tools seemed to interrupt the essence of a yoga posture, as if they didn’t  belong in a yoga practice.  In addition, many are afraid that adding resistance to an already challenging yoga pose will make the practice of Hatha yoga either too difficult or too confusing. Here at Yoga I.S., we will show you that adding resistance to a posture can actually help you experience sensations in postures that you may never thought possible.  This unique and original method is ONLY available in Louisville at the Yoga IS Studio.  Created by nationally known yoga and fitness educator Lauren Eirk, MS, this is our studio’s signature class! 

Any instructor will tell you…the challenge of teaching yoga is always cueing.  It is true that traditional yoga props such as blocks and straps can be used create all kinds of resistance challenges in the body.   During a Yoga I.S. Mechanix™ class, we may ask you to add a weighted bar or dumbbell to a pose!  The result is that you may feel your muscles working inside your body from areas outside of the traditional focus of the pose!  Experience the principles of resistance training, such as the point of application, speed changes, amount of resistance used, and the distance from the involved joint/s.  Learn how these yoga props can increase your overall awareness of your own body mechanics.  Experience first hand just how mindful your yoga practice can be!

This class is suited for all levels, as many modifications are given in this heavily cued class.  New to yoga?  This class will teach you what to focus on in any given posture as your muscles react to the resistance challenges.  Been practicing a while?  We will take you back to the basics and show you just how much more there is to explore in a given pose.  Have joint issues?  Let us teach you how to strategically alter resistance to benefit your joints and achieve better muscular balance.   Our GOAL in this class is to help make you stronger, more stable, and able to achieve greater control in your yoga practice!

Try this class Mondays from 10:45-11:45am and get your week off to a great kick start!  We also meet on Tuesday nights from 6:30-7:45pm to give you a well-rounded practice.  Take your child to the Yoga IS Kids class Saturdays from 10:00am-11:00am and practice Yoga I.S. Mechanix™ simultaneously!  We will help you become stronger and more fit than ever before.