Yoga Integrated Science… Golf + HeartMath®

Every Athlete wants to be in the zone more often.  That space where agility and focus meet paydirt. Unfortunately, the zone is elusive for many golfers.  The description of many pro and weekend golfers is tight and sore backs . Golfers habitually bend and twist, bend and twist – all the while straining their backs and shoulders, forming muscle imbalances and inviting injury. What if we could help them utilize the force of trunk rotation instead of the brute force of aching muscles to drive a golf ball?

Incorporating Yoga I.S. into a golfer’s exercise regimen is a sure-fire way to increase freedom of movement, build core strength, enhance performance and reduce risk of injury. As Yoga instructors we are not in a position to be “swing doctors,” but we can  facilitate increases in strong ranges of motion and torso strength to enable a golfer to perform a superior swing. Experiencing and feeling is to understand how the principles of Yoga I.S. can assist in the all-important coordination of alignment, strength and mental focus of golf enthusiasts.  A golfer missing one of those three will struggle to
move through the range of motion required for the golf swing. As the body compensates to complete the movement, the golf swing will lose its integrity.  Yes, Yoga can enable a more fluid swing.

Sustained peaceful awareness of present moment develops from practicing postures, breath control and meditation. Many, if not all, golfers struggle with the mental hazards of the game: loss of concentration, due to fatigue; distractions from a nerve-racking day; or interruptions from those around us. A struggle ensues “between our conscious mind—analyzing, alert, logical—and our subconscious mind—the well of intuition and long-term memory”   . The intent of all the poses is to bring us into the present moment, taking us away from the unending chatter of the mind, which can
distract us from the focus required for a flawless golf swing.

HeartMath® Yoga

HeartMath® brings the very essential component of emotional self regulation that is at the foundation of vitality and well being. All aspects of healing are then Addressed, physical, energetic, biochemical and emotional. HeartMath® tools have been very effective for golfers of all abilities from leading PGA tour professionals to competitive club amateurs, helping them manage their inner game and enhance
learning. Many golfers have not only improved their scores, but also report a much greater enjoyment of the game.
HeartMath’s research has identified a psycho-physiological state in which the interactions between the heart, brain and nervous systems become synchronized.

Source: Baptiste, B., & Mendola, K.F. 1999. Yoga for golfers. Yoga Journal (May-June).