Yoga Integrated Science Barre™

barre pictureYoga IS Barre™ is a class designed to fuse yoga, Pilates, and standing ballet exercises to work the abdominal muscles, back, hips, leg, ankle, and foot musculature. These classes are open to anyone, male or female, teens to adults, who want strengthen, tone, and improve range of motion for their core and lower body.  No previous experience is necessary, and you don’t have to be a dancer to do this class by any means!  

This class is suited best to those who desire greater strength gains to the lower body, as standing exercises are the best for this region.  We infuse current, fun music, standing portable barres, elastic tubing, small resistance balls, and common yoga props such as blocks and yoga straps. The class is designed to give a lot of variety to students in their workout while teaching proper alignment and body mechanics for the best experience possible, without straining low back and hip joints. As always, Yoga IS strives to honor the individual structure and his or her unique abilities. 

Currently, this class happens on Mondays at 12:00pm and Wednesdays at 12:00pm and 6:00pm.  There will be a Thursday morning at 9:30 am plus another evening class added in January.  Yoga IS Barre takes place in the upstairs, studio B, which gives students the feel of already being in a ballet studio. This class is very different from most barre classes, infusing the unique Yoga IS method of isometric yoga strength training to pair with related barre and Pilates movements so that the student never feels as though he or she is sacrificing form due to fatigue and poor muscle performance. Yoga students have commented that having a barre to work with allows them to concentrate on  standing one-leg balance poses and improving foot and ankle mechanics. 
The Tuesday and Thursday noon classes are perfect for the working lunch crowd, as you can get in and out in an hour. This class is the perfect solution for the desk job doldrums, helping to strengthen lower back and leg muscles that often suffer due to lack of use from 9-5.  The evening Wednesday class pairs with Meditation 101 downstairs, in case you and a friend would like to take classes at the same time.  Feel free to stay for beginning yoga at 7:15 on Wednesday nights right after class.  There are not a lot of Yoga Barre classes out there. Come to our classes and you will feel the difference!