Yoga Cures Everything? Readers Beware….

imagesWarning, D.B. is back. Warning #2, this blurp may change your opinion forever after reading this. Of course, you may also choose to ignore it. After all, who knows if it is the truth. Use your best judgment.

Danger, danger, Facebook the great does not mean truth. Some bloggers who also happen to be yoga teachers (could be yoga teachers who happen to blog) and have NO medical knowledge will prescribe sequences meant to heal just about anything. Have you read how going from pose A to pose B, then adding a pose C will cure you from your nightmares. How about the one that is aimed at healing cancer? In the end yoga which is certainly not aimed at hurting you could be very harmful.

I recently read an article about inversions. These are more and more coming under fire. Some studios will refuse to teach them. Anatomically, your neck and shoulders are not meant to carry your whole body. Most of you have looked at a spine. If not, look it up now and come back to my rant. You will have noticed how the size of the vertebrae get bigger as you go down the back. The more weight the vertebra has to carry, the bigger it gets, and the less mobile it also becomes. We won’t dive into anatomical terms, I don’t claim to have that kind of knowledge. Let’s get back to our headstand or our shoulder stand, by redistributing the center of gravity and putting a lot of pressure on a small base, we are de facto putting all of our body weight into our forearms, neck etc. All the organs are affected by gravity are pushing down. Now think. Do you seriously believe this will be a cure all? One of the most stupid lines I read in one of the articles mentioned how inversions could even cure acid reflux. Really, dear blogger and yoga teacher, reread what you just wrote and use your brain. I am sorry, I almost forgot for a minute how all the pressure caused by the sudden rush of blood may have affected your reasoning. Of course gravity is going to heal your acid reflux, because as we all well know, the “acid” is not going up your esophagus in the first place, right? Dung beetle, call me DB if you are my friend is having a B.I.T.C.H. fit. No, this is not a new yoga designed to cure stupidity. Some of you are going to say there are over two thousand years of history that have prescribed this to relieve acid reflux. At this point, I will remind you doctors a few centuries ago also thought bleeding people was the best thing that could be done for a patient.

My point here is simple. Use your best judgment, take your time to think and analyze the sequence. What areas of the body are involved, could pushing on Z cure C? The same way that cream advertised of TV is not going to firm up your skin and help you loose ten pounds, yoga is not meant to be a cure all. Some yoga teachers may think they help by suggesting a sequence to heal such and such ( I say suggest, but a lot of articles will simply say “will cure” or “will relieve” ) when they simply have no more knowledge than you and I.


I must now go create a sequence that is going to calm me down and do my laundry…

Eric Semet, MA, Yoga I.S. RYT-200


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