Yoga Etiquette

Yoga Class Etiquette


  • Check in at front desk for all classes.  Use side door for any class upstairs.  Leave shoes in the rack at the bottom of the steps.   
  • *Yoga Mat Required for ALL classes.  Yoga I.S. Mat and Props available for sale
  • Arrive on time. Yoga is a discipline and it is distracting to the teacher and the other students when you come late, leave early, or come in and out when a yoga class is in session.
  • End conversations and respect the silence of the room- meditiation is also a disipline. Be respectful to the people practicing.
  • Remove your shoes and leave them in the provided cubbies or under the bench in the downstairs studio.
  • Turn electronic devices to silent.
  • Wear appropriate attire- Exercise clothing such as T-shirts, shorts and stretchy pants that allow freedom of movement. Appropriate yoga wear is found in many large department stores.
  • Keep your water bottles and hand towels nearby to make your experience comfortable.
  • If preferred, bring your own props and sanitary wipes, but these will be provided
  • Until further notice, facemasks are required for in-person classes and training sessions.


  • DO NOT BRING any kind of glass or breakable bottle or container to the studio.
  • DO NOT BRING food, drinks that are not enclosed with a lid, or chewing gum into the studio .
  • DO NOT BRING any kind of valuables or jewelry. Lock your purse or wallet in the trunk of your car. Do not leave items of value in the rest rooms.
  • Do not use the mirrors or walls to balance.
  • Do not wear: Jeans, street clothes, bulky clothes, revealing or see-thru clothes such as  Speedos, thongs, etc… Yoga is practiced in bare feet – no panty hose, and remember to remove your socks.