yoga class descriptions

Studio Class Descriptions

The classes at Yoga Integrated Science are different from your average studio. These class descriptions will help you find the classes that are right for you. Note that any class can be appropriate for a beginning student or an advanced student.

Align and Flow

This vinyasa class uses a flowing, energetic approach to classic yoga poses. Experience creative yoga sequences designed help your body achieve the best results possible. This class focuses on linking yoga postures with the cycle of the breath (pranayama) in a dance-like feel. This class includes detailed cues on modifications, proper alignment, and form. This is a fun, flowing workout appropriate for for all levels of experience.

Mindful Muscle

Want muscle? This class incorporates resistance training exercises using dumbbells, weighted bars, elastic bands and stability balls to give you improved overall muscular balance and control. This biomechanically based will help you to experience resistance training in a whole new way. See how concentration and meditation applies to any form of exercise, as our results depend on our being present and fully aware.

Pilates I.S.®

Traditional Pilates mat exercises designed to strengthen the “core”, or the trunk hip, and shoulder regions. This class is designed to improve range of motion, muscular endurance, and improve overall posture. At Yoga I.S., learn innovative techniques to get the most out of traditional Pilates Mat exercises, with proper progression and detailed cueing in order to maximize training results in strength improve overall joint integrity.

Tai Chi Fusion

Tai Chi is a self-healing system of slow, graceful exercises that combine movement, meditation and rhythmic breathing to improve the flow of chi which is thought to prevent illness and improve well-being. Research suggests that tai chi may reduce stress, help with arthritis, lower blood pressure and improve posture, balance, muscle tone, and flexibility. Open to all levels.

Yoga I.S. Barre™

Work with the ballet barre as a prop to intensify postures and completely change your class experience. Enjoy the best of ballet combined with familiar Yoga poses that focus on increasing hip stability and core strength. The Ballet Barre will be used to assist in balance and single-leg standing postures. This class builds strength in both the core and the lower extremities while creative sequences and great music inspire you!

Yoga I.S. ® Basics

Whether you are new to yoga, have gotten away from your fitness program, or just want a less physically challenging practice for a day, this class will cover the core ingredients that make up a successful Yoga class.  Explore several of the most widely practiced yoga asanas / poses, complete with modifications to make them more or less challenging. Practice poses with an awareness of proper respiration with a soothing relaxation at the end of the class.  This is a great class to improve strength, flexibility, and mental focus.

Yoga I.S.®  CORE

This Yoga class focuses on postures and breathing techniques that will strengthen the trunk musculature. Core muscles are responsible for trunk extension, flexion, side-bend, rotation, and overall respiration. You will feel taller, calmer, and more confident with regular attendance! Great for those dealing with back pain but open to all levels.

Yoga I.S. ® Healthy Backs

A specialty class designed to promote optimal back health and help teach you how to prevent and heal trunk-related issues using specific Yoga I.S. therapeutic techniques and correct alignment. Each class will take a full-body approach to alleviating back pain and tightness using various yoga props to create proper muscular contraction. This class is open to all levels and is great for beginners, too! This class is safe for any one with back pain, disc herniation, disc degeneration, scoliosis and post operative conditions.

Yoga I.S. ® Hips and Back

If you walk, run, hike, play sports, ski, bike, or even sit at a desk, chances are that you have tightness due to these repetitive activities, leading to muscular imbalances. A hip and back focused practice is an effective way of alleviating back and knee pain while charging the emotional body for deep healing. This class will bring about improved range of motion as well as an overall feeling of stability to the area.

Yoga I.S. ® HITT

This High Intensity Interval Training Yoga class includes intervals of Power flow yoga with strengthening intervals performed with alternating high and low intensities. Yoga IS HIIT is designed to improve cardiovascular function, lower blood pressure, speed metabolism as well as improve insulin resistance, oxygen consumption and muscle function.

Yoga I.S. ® Mind-Body-Ball® 

Try this fun, challenging class incorporates stability balls and other traditional and non-traditional props into a yoga practice. Improve overall strength and neuro-muscular adaptation from regular use of an intelligently-progressed strength building routine. We will show you how the “instability” of the ball can be used to create “stability” in the body.  Open to all levels, this is a class that you won’t be able to experience anywhere in the country.

Yoga I.S. ® Pilates Barre

This class uses the barre as a prop to intensify well known Pilates exercises. We combine the best of Pilates with the best in classic Barre routines. This high-intensity interval training (HIIT) style class focuses on hip stability and core strength. Expect to use additional props like the Pilates ring, small balls, and elastic rings to enhance your workout experience.

Yoga I.S. ® Power Barre HIIT

Get ready to start your weekend off with a BLAST with HIITHigh Intensity Interval Training! Experience intervals of standing bar resistance training work, isometric yoga positions, and pilates-inspired core exercises designed to strengthen the abdominal, back, hip and shoulder regions of the body, we will help you to take your fitness to the next level. Strengthen and empower your muscular system while burning big-time calories, listening to fun music playlists and improving joint range of motion!

Yoga I.S.® Rise and Flow

Transcend your body, mind and soul flowing from one energizing asana to another. In this energizing class, musical rhythms connect to every move, helping to focus your breath and take you to a completely different state of mind. Skip the caffeine and jump-start your day with a class that builds strength and improves joint range with every pose.


This  High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) style class incorporates intervals of dumbbells, elastic tubing, gliding discs and weighted bars to provide new challenges to your existing yoga practice. This class will not only give you an amazing workout, it will also deepen your understanding of yoga asana (poses) and your own personal range of motion.

Yoga I.S. ® Therapeutics

This class is specifically tailored to the students that attend, taking into account individual physical issues or limitations. Yoga I.S. ® Advanced Therapy and Viniyoga principles will be utilized. Chairs, barres and all necessary Yoga props will be used to support the student in getting stronger, leading to better overall range of motion. Students will feel a greater sense of stability and health. Form, structure and function work together to build a better you.

The Kentucky Humane Society is our Giving Partner

**This class will benefit the Kentucky Humane Society on the LAST SATURDAY of every month from 9:30am-10:45am.  Its Free to sign up, all you need to be admitted into this is either:
1.  tax-deductible donation that will be given to the Kentucky Humane Society
2.  A pet item from their wish list 

Yoga I.S. UpBeats™

This class uses non-traditional music from the 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000’s and today with a  strong, flowing practice.  Experience the healing power of music that has been determined by scientists to help release endorphins to help with chronic pain and stress, regulate breathing and heart rate, reduce feelings of fatigue, improve motor coordination, enhance higher brain function and emotional intelligence, reduce negative emotions, and promote a better sleep. Come spice up your yoga, adding flavor to form!

*Yoga Mat Required for ALL classes (Yoga Mat Rental $3.00 / Water $2.00)