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Education Program FAQ

How does the Yoga Integrated Science™ Education Program compare to other yoga teacher training programs?

Yoga Teacher Training Education is much more common these days.  Did you know that currently there is not any regulation of how a course is structured?  Plus, there is little in the way of standards. We take our job seriously. Yoga and Yoga Therapy are becoming more and more a part of health in the medical field. We want to accommodate those medical, fitness, and allied health professions that need a deeper understanding of yoga and its power to heal. As more and more research is done in this field, doctors will refer their patients to this practice in greater numbers. Therefore we believe the responsibility of Yoga teachers is great. Yoga injuries are very real and very prevalent. Yoga IS raises the bar in education. We are dealing with a human body that has real laws governed by the science of physics. Let us help you to build a firm foundation with the addition of a great understanding and perspective of this ancient practice.

I don’t have any interest in teaching yoga. Why should I take these courses?

Many take these courses to better understand the healing power of yoga for their own personal understanding. We have had personal trainers and physical therapists want to add Yoga techniques to their existing skill-set. We have had lots of individuals want to learn how to incorporate yoga in their jobs, families, and communities. The courses are enormously engaging and life-changing!

I work full-time.  How much time does the full 200 hour course take?


Many of our students have successfully completed this course while enrolled in school or working a full-time job. The reason is that we only require students to be in a classroom with on weekends and they can take classes in the studio during the week at their leisure to satisfy classroom hours. Typical days are Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. We begin at 9:00 am and finish by 5:30 pm Friday and Saturday. We try to finish by 4:00 on Sunday.  All classroom assignments can be easily completed online at your own pace in between classes. All students enrolled in the program enjoy free unlimited classes in the Yoga I.S. Wellness Studio.  This is a great way to review the material, connect with our teachers, and practice the unique methodology they are learning.


The Intensive course is fast paced and requires students to work diligently to complete the Intensive course.  The Intensive course is not for everyone.  Classes start on Thursday and run through Sunday. We begin at 9:00 am and finish around 5:30 pm on Sunday.  All classroom assignments must be completed online on or before the assigned deadline. All students enrolled in the program should be participating in yoga classes.

I have to miss a day or a weekend for the 200 hour course.  Can I make up the class I miss?

We have encountered this many times.  Life is not always predictable! There are outside reading, assignments, quizzes and studio class requirements that can be done, but there are also hours that must be done in person with a teacher. Making up coursework for missed hours is required for a certification.  Students have one year to retake a missed weekend on another date at no extra cost when enrolled in the entire course.  Students can also schedule and purchase one-on-one tutoring with one of the Yoga IS teaching faculty staff.

What poses do I need to be able to do before I sign up?

We want our students to be exposed to yoga and understand what they are getting into but there are no requirements on an individual’s ability.  Students learn that ability has so much to do with structure and neuro-muscular issues so there is no way to put a standard on what is expected.

How do I apply for the Yoga Integrated Science™ Education Program?

First, fill out our online application. We will review and contact you with regards to acceptance.  Dates are listed on our schedule page.  Use tabs for the 200 and 300 hour courses, sign up, and register.  Registrations are due one week  prior to course dates to avoid a late fee.  We will be in contact with you via email with course information.  A full refund will be issued by  Yoga IS should a course need to be cancelled.  We also require a payment terms and conditions form for all payment.

Do I have to take the 200 hour program in order of each weekend?

It is recommended that the 200 hour coursework be taken in order of class 1 (separated into two weekends), and class 3-7 but people have gotten through it without taking it in order.  We advise students to at least make sure that they are exposed to the foundation materials covered in class one before moving on to any other weekend.  Weekend 7 contains comprehensive reviews of many topics covered in the course, so we feel that this is best understood after hearing weekends 1-6.

Do I have to take the 300 hour program in order of each weekend?

There are seven weekends of required courses that must be taken.  To finish the rest of the 300 hour requirement,  electives and can be taken in any order over the 18 month period as the student has interest

There is a lot of anatomy and physiology in this course. Will I be able to follow the information with little background in these areas? 

We have had people come through our courses with backgrounds in health and they do very well.  We have also successfully taught people with very little background in anatomy and exercise mechanics.  That is what we are here to do!  TEACH!  We review each application carefully and will help you to learn in a very non-intimidating atmosphere.  At lease 3-6 months of yoga experience is recommended to start this course.

Do you also cover traditional yoga teachings and philosophy?

Not only will you leave with a vast amount of knowledge about the body, but we will teach you traditional poses, basic yoga philosophy, yoga history, mantras, chants, and help you to discover  your own spiritual path.

How much outside work will be required of me?

Yoga Alliance® has set forth a specific amount of time that should be completed by students on their own outside the course.  We have built this into our required assignments.  These will be in the form of readings, class evaluations / observances, short essays, and various enjoyable short projects to be completed before the next weekend.  Most students complete them in 8-10 hours depending on how detailed they want to be and how much time they want to put into the course.  We encourage students to also take advantage of the free membership to our studio.  This is the BEST way to get through the assignments.  The assignments become second-nature and fun as long as you don’t leave them up until the last-minute and manage time wisely.

How much does this program cost?

The 200 hour program has three payment options.  The most popular is the pay for the course at one time for $2950 and save $450.  This covers the cost of the manual, optional online testing, grading, and 6 month free membership to the Yoga IS Wellness Center.  We offer a six month auto-debit contract as well as the option of just paying one weekend at a time. Click here for more information about the 200 hour program pricing.  Each weekend can also be taken and purchased individually for anyone who wants to acquire additional course hours or information to deepen their understanding.

The 300 hour required Courses are $3,040 if paid in full prior to start. $3,540 if paid as-you-go (177 credit hours).  You save $500 if you pay in full for all required courses!  Elective courses are priced separately and cost is variable, to total at least 123 credit hours

Can I do this program online?

Students enrolled in the courses will get a user/pass for our online school portion of the website. Assignments can be completed outside required weekends on their own time as many of the assignments can be done using online classes and videos.  We make it easy for students to communicate with us outside of required meetings so that they can work, go to school, take care of their family and life outside of teacher training.

How is the 500 hour program structured?

We are able to offer 200-hour and 300-hour coursework.  All 200 hours must be completed at the same school.  All 300 hours must be completed at the same school.  We offer both, including the option of completing all 500 hours with us.  We have had 200-hour graduates from other schools enter our 300-hour program.  We have had students complete their 200-hour elsewhere and still come through our program due to the lack of information about anatomy, exercise mechanics, and neuroscience.  A 200-hour certification must be added to the 300-hour coursework to be able to be 500-hour certified.  Students have entered the 300-hour directly after the 200-hour program and also taken the coursework simultaneously, if they are interested in getting the Yoga IS 500 hour Certification.

What are the qualifications of the Faculty in the Yoga I.S.® Education Program?

COur faculty includes:

Lauren Eirk, MS, E-RYT500, C-IAYT Certified Yoga Therapist.  Muscle Activation Techniques Master Level Specialist, MATm, MATRx Full Body Specialist, YACEP

Donna O’Bryan, M.Ed, E-RYT 500, Certified HeartMath Provider and Level II iRest Practitioner