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Payment Terms and Conditions

Payment Terms and Conditions Form

The following section contains the basic terms of your payment agreement with Yoga I.S.

  • Description and Terms

    Your payment will be processed at the time you complete your registration.

    If any of your payment is declined, you will receive a computer-generated email informingyou about the declined payment.

    If you receive such an email, it is your responsibility to contact our office and make the payment good immediately.

    When you register with a particular method of payment, you are agreeing to all of the following terms:

    1. I authorize Yoga I.S® to charge to my credit card, or deduct from my checking account, the full amount described on my registration form or on the Yoga I.S® website, on thedate of my registration.

    2. I understand that payment is required in full before I can attend a Yoga I.S teacher training course or certification.

    3. I understand that I must register by the given early registration dates specified for a particular course in order to receive a discounted price and that there are NO EXEPTIONS.

    4. In the event of a declined transaction for my form ofpayment, I authorize Yoga I.S to assess and collect a fee of $15.00 for each occurrence.

    5. I understand that it is my responsibility to contact Yoga I.S regarding any declined payments or if I need to cancel my registration once I am registered.

    Cancellation Policy

    Included in each certification or teacher training elective registration is a non-refundable $100 deposit.
    If you cancel more than 14 days prior to the event, you will receive a refund less the $100 deposit.

    If canceling less than 14 days prior to the event, a credit less the non-refundable deposit will be issued and credit given to you that may be used toward any future Yoga I.S training or certification.

    If Yoga I.S needs to cancel any certification or teacher training course, a full refund will be issued.

    I have read, understand and agree to the cancellation policy. I have read, understand and agree to the terms and conditions of Payment.

  • Signature and Identification Information

    **By selecting ‘Agree’ on this Electronic Signature Acknowledgment Form, I agree that my electronic signature (my typed name) is the legally binding equivalent to my handwritten signature. Whenever I execute an electronic signature, it has the same validity and meaning as my handwritten signature. *
    * By selecting ‘Agree’ I also agree that I will not, at any time in the future, repudiate the meaning of my electronic signature or claim that my electronic signature is not legally binding.
  • Yoga IS Certification Information Again

    I.S. certifications have the mark of excellence, as you have made the time and commitment to this program. If you are planning on getting pregnant, starting a new business, or pursuing another degree, please consider that you will not have the time it takes to get the most out of this program. Once the course has started, no refunds will be given. Yoga I.S. reserves the right to dismiss any student from the training if we determine that the student’s continued participation is inappropriate or disruptive to other students in the program, such as misconduct, failure to pay appropriate fees, failure to attend classes, or misrepresentation of this application or program.
    Please make sure to mail or fax course payment terms and conditions form with this document available on the website, Please review RYT and Yoga I.S. certification guidelines and requirements prior to submitting this application, available on the website I hereby certify that I have read and understand the course payment terms and condition policies as well as course certification requirement information. All information given on this application is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I understand that Yoga I.S. has the right to change or reverse any admission or certification decision made on the basis of incomplete or incorrect information given.
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