Yoga Teacher Training Programs at Yoga IS

500 Hour Course Payment Options

Purchase the 500 Hour teacher training and enroll in 200 Hour Teacher Training + 300Hour Teacher Training Classes

Option One Pay for the entire course at one time: $8500 for the entire course if paid in full; Includes a $500 discount

Option Two 24 monthly payments: $375.00 per month

Mastery Exam $850.00

By submitting the coursework for the Yoga IS 200 and 300 hour programs to Yoga Alliance, one can achieve the highest certification level currently recognized, the 500 RYT. The 200 and 300 hour programs together meet all standards and have been approved by Yoga Alliance. The 300 hour coursework will satisfy Yoga Alliances’s standards if the student already has a 200 hour certification through another registered yoga school. It is strongly encouraged that applicants begin their education with Yoga IS at the 200 hour level, since the information is cumulative. The information given in the 200 hour program is the foundation for the 300 hour coursework. It is also more biomechanically based than any other yoga school.

Yoga Alliance® 500 hour requirement summary and where Yoga IS® stands

Techniques Training/ Practice (150 hours)

Teaching Methodology (30 hours required by Yoga Alliance; Yoga IS includes over 80 hours of teaching methodology)

Anatomy and Physiology (35 hours required by Yoga Alliance; Yoga IS has over 180 hours of anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics)

Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle and Ethics for Yoga Teachers (60 hours)
Yoga IS Spends 20+ hours on ethics and the rest on yoga philosophy

Practicum (40 hours required by Yoga Alliance; Yoga IS has over 85 hours of practical experience)

Electives (185 hours)

Elective hours are distributed among our anatomy emphasis with Joint structure and function, the muscular system, and neuroscience.

Total: 500 hours met at the Yoga IS RYS School
Total Contact Hours: 450 (200 with E-RYTs, 100 with E-RYTs 500)