Yoga Teacher Training Programs at Yoga IS

Science of Meditation

Interactive Yoga Therapy– Two Days (15 hours) Required*

  • A self referral and Ayurvedic approach to becoming your own best teacher.  Learn how to handle the challenges as well as gifts unique to you and your Darma.
  • Get a deeper understanding of meditation in the context of the Yoga tradition including study of some basic meditation sutras in the Yoga Sutra
  • Learn about other types of meditation, including Integrative Restoration, iRest®
  • Learn about meditation as a personal practice
  • Learn about meditation as a form of healing, stress management and as a tool for enhancing well-being
  • Learn to teach and experience guided relaxations in savasana
  • Experience various types of meditation
  • Experience Self Study and Ayurveda
  • Experience various Yoga practices designed for meditation
  • Experience various Yoga practices designed for meditation with pranayama techniques
  • Required:
    One month of daily meditation, 5 minutes per day
    Journal entries after each meditation
    Required Reading assignments and six hours of outside coursework
  • Get 19 hours towards the 500 hour program for RYTs
  • Required Text: Yoga for Your Type. By David Frawley & Sandra Summerfield Kozak. Buy it on Amazon

Interactive Yoga Therapy II– (Two Days 15 hours) Elective

  • Application and exploration: Learn how to apply weekend one and two with your group classes and clients
  • Deepen your meditation practice.  Further exploration with Self Study and Ayurveda
  • Help students to deal with stress through meditation.
  • Learn techniques that can help your students begin and sustain a meditation practice
  • Learn how to create scripts designed for kids, teens, adults, and seniors to help with stress management
  • Learn to create amazing restorative practices and relaxation techniques for your students.
  • Experience and learn to lead a meditation class
  • 19 hours towards the 500 hour program for RYTs (six hours are outside assignments)
  • Required Text: Yoga for Your Type. By David Frawley & Sandra Summerfield Kozak. Buy it on Amazon

Overview of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)– Two Days with Mary Beth Armstrong, MS, LMT, LAc, Yoga I.S.® RYS-200 Graduate

(12 hour Elective Credit)
Self Diagnosis and Healing: Chinese Methods for Analyzing Signs and Symptoms of Imbalance & Enhancing Well-beingIn this class, we will learn simple, yet highly sophisticated, time-tested self-diagnostic tools that will enable us to nip health concerns in the bud. Traditional Chinese medicine has techniques for assessing the balance of vital energy (chi) throughout the body. Deficient or stagnant chi produces outward signs visible on the face, tongue and eyes and can even alter our voice patterns.

We will learn to read these signs and symptoms so that we can correct underlying problems and prevent disease. We will cover pulse, face, tongue and eye analysis; the art of “differential diagnosis,” which enables us to trace the origins of our symptoms; and how to go about correcting the imbalances we discover with targeted nutrition and  herbs based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

We will cover yin/yang theory, 5 element theory, how Chinese diet and herbal medicine is categorized by taste, temperature and meridian.  This class will help you understand how your yoga practice also influences your body according to traditional Chinese medicine.
  • Introduction to the history of Chinese medicine
  • Yin/Yang theory and applications
  • Five Element theory
    a. water
    b. wood
    c. fire
    d. metal
    e. earth
  • Introduction to Chinese Herbal Medicine
  • Cupping, moxibustion, gua sha, tui na, and qi gong
  • Chinese dietary therapy

Required text:  Between Heaven and Earth.  A Guide to Chinese Medicine by: Beinfield & Korngold.  Buy it on Amazon

Meditation and Movement for Stress and Anxiety

(14 hour Elective credit) This course will teach the many foundational principles for teaching meditation and movement. A moving meditation has been proven to improve ones’s health on many levels, such as stress reduction, improved quality of sleep, and an overall feeling of satisfaction with one’s life path. Join Donna O’Bryan, M.Ed, Level II i-Rest Instructor and Licensed Heart Math Professional for a special weekend that will soothe the soul. “If there is any kindness you can do, do it now as you may not pass this way again.”  Students will receive a detailed manual and course notes.

Yoga I.S.® Tai Chi Fusion

(14 hour elective credit) Tai chi is a self-healing system of slow, graceful exercises that combine movement, meditation and rhythmic breathing to improve the flow of chi which is thought to prevent illness and improve well-being. Research suggests that tai chi may reduce stress, lower blood pressure and help improve posture, balance, muscle tone, flexibility and strength. In this workshop, learn basic Tai Chi principles, practice several basic Tai Chi routines, and learn to integrate them seamlessly into your Yoga Practice. This course focuses on the inner and outer beauty as well as the strength that comes from both traditions. Discover the tremendous Prana and Chi that can be increased and transformed into inner power and grace.

Required Texts: Tai Chi Classics and Master Waysun Liao (often considered the Tai Chi bible.) Buy it Now On Amazon

Yoga Kids ®Foundations Level I Training Certification Course

(Two Day Elective Credit) All hours acquired from this course are recognized by Yoga I.S. and can be used as an elective credit.

The YogaKids Program blends traditional yoga and its benefits with theories of multiple learning styles in a comprehensive and playful approach to education. This approach, influenced by education theorists Howard Gardner and Maria Montessori, was developed by our founder, yoga-pioneer/ educator/author Marsha Wenig.

Attendees will experience a life-changing event filled with love and laughter, led by one of our experienced trainers. They will be introduced to all 14 of the YogaKids Elements, the building blocks of this amazing program. These Elements incorporate all the different ways children learn. They combine yoga with reading, writing, science, art, music, games, ecology, philosophy and more — and thus, create a matrix for learning that’s accessible to all children.

Attendees also will be introduced to the 20 categories of YogaKids poses/activities. The YogaKids Certification Program has over 185 poses/activities and Foundations teaches 85 of them. Some poses are based on traditional asanas, while many are unique to the YogaKids Program. In addition, attendees will learn successful strategies for lesson planning and will have the opportunity to team-teach an original YogaKids class to children. Other topics include child development, teaching teens, inclusive teaching, and guidelines for teaching a successful Yoga Kids class.