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300 Hour Certification Course

Yoga Teacher Training Focused on Anatomy and Physiology

Our 12-18 month 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training program is focused on the anatomy and physiology of the human body. Our goal with this program is to produce yoga teachers with a superior working knowledge of how a yoga pose impacts a student so that they might be more mindful in their leadership.

Classes start September 14th 2018  – Apply Now!

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The Courses

The Yoga I.S. 300 Hour Teacher Training consists of 177 hours of required courses, taught over the course of one 3-day weekend a month for 7 months. The remaining 123 credit hours are electives offered at various times in the following 18 months. View course details and dates »

The required coursework section of the 300 hour yoga teacher training certification course takes the same format as our 200 hour yoga teacher certification program. There are 7 courses, each scheduled one weekend a month for 7 months. Required classes for the 2018/2019 semester begin September 14, 2018.

This required block of courses covers the anatomy of the human body in detail. We will focus on the mechanics of the skeletal and muscle systems as they interact with joints and movement. Students will be learning how to apply the knowledge acquired in these courses in the individual electives taken in Part II of this course.

For dates and more details, view the 300 Hour Teacher Training Schedule.

Program Fees

Save $500 if you pay in full for all required courses!

Required Courses: $3,040 if paid in full prior to start. $3,540 if paid as-you-go (177 credit hours)
Electives: variable, at least 123 credit hours

Start your Application for the 300 Hour Teacher Training – Classes start September 14th 2018!

All applications are subject to approval. Course content is proprietary and only for use by students with express permission from Yoga Integrated Science instructors. Students are responsible for submitting certificates of completion from the 300 hour yoga teacher training course to RYS for certification.

Frequently Asked Questions


The Yoga Integrated Science 300 hour yoga teacher training certification has been designed to build upon the content of a traditional 200 hour teacher training course. Students will little to no foundation in anatomy may want to take the introductory anatomy classes offered in the Yoga Integrated Science teacher training program before beginning this course.

What Does This Program Provide?

Upon completion of our 300 Hour Teacher Training, you will receive:

  • A solid foundation of anatomy and physiology
  • Complimentary studio class access while enrolled in courses
  • The ability to instruct in groups as well as private clients
  • Education in your chosen electives
  • The ability to apply for Yoga Alliance RYS 300 certification

How Long is the Program?

Expect 12 to 18 months to complete the entire 300 hour program. Required courses begin September 2018 and are not offered again until the following year.

  • Required courses: One (1) weekend a month for seven (7) months – 177 credit hours
  • Electives: Schedule varies, 123 credit hours

Yoga I.S® 300 hour yoga teacher training certification requirements:

  1. Completion of the Yoga I.S.® 200 Hour Teacher Training OR complete any 200 hour program from another school.
  2. Completion of  the Yoga I.S.® 300 Hour Teacher Training Required Courses (totaling 177 credit hours)
  3. Completion of  the Yoga I.S.® 300 Hour Teacher Training Electives (totaling 123 credit hours)
  4. Submission of required readings, studio class attendance, class observations, class instruction, papers, and journal entries to Yoga I.S® as dictated by individual courses
  5. Ability to complete online testing or outside coursework (if applicable)

300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification Program