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RYS 200 Hour Certification Course

The RYS 200 Hour Certification Course is for anyone who wants to learn about the system of Yoga to deepen their practice or become a certified yoga instructor.

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“I loved the mix of strong science, evidence based information and experiential learning.” RYS 2013 Louisville Graduate

Love yogYA-SCHOOLS-RYS-200a?  Learn to teach!  Teaching will enrich your own practice and you can pass along the gift that was given to you by helping others experience the healing properties hidden within themselves.

Many Yoga Teachers go through a teacher training program and NEVER find work.  They are ill-prepared to work with many types of students due to a lack of anatomical knowledge, class design, and leadership ability.

Yoga I.S.® 200 hour graduates are among the best in their field.  We will teach you HOW to teach and give you the ability to communicate with other health professionals, as Yoga Therapy is being prescribed more and more as an alternative to traditional medical care.

“Yoga I.S. has changed the way I train my clients and given me the tools to help a wider variety of people” RYS Virginia 2013 Graduate

The anatomy based Yoga Integrated Science 200 hour teacher training program, composed of seven weekend courses, is approved to meet the Yoga Alliance 200 hour requirements.  This program is for anyone who wants to learn about the system of Yoga to deepen their practice or become a certified yoga instructor.  This program will cover:

  • the origins of Hatha Yoga
  • historical and scientific information on flexibility and range of motion
  • structural anatomy and basic mechanics of lower body, trunk and spine, upper body and cervical regions of the body
  • comprehensive analysis of various applicable Hatha Yoga Poses.
  • introduction to the science of adjusting and how to incorporate yoga props
  • yoga philosophy and ethics
  • pranayama/ breathing techniques
  • meditation
  • general sequencing techniques
  • the business of Yoga
  • daily yoga practice and studio membership
  • Several of the most influential Yoga Styles and methods will be introduced, analyzed, and directly experienced.  

Upcoming course dates
First apply for teacher training, then when accepted, you can register for the course

Yoga I.S® 200-RYT program requirements:

a.  All 7 weekends of the 200-hour coursework be attended and completed

Note: What if you cannot attend one of the classes?

  • You may take this weekend with the next group of 200 hour students to make up the work
  • You may get private tutoring (Fees for private tutoring will vary according to individual teacher fees
  • Note that although different topics are introduced each weekend, they are also cumulative in terms of classroom discussions and practical applications.

b.  Submission of required readings, class observations, class instruction, papers, and journal entries.  These will be graded according to a point scale.

c.  During the course, you will receive free yoga classes in the studio.  To help familiarize yourself with our methodology and terminology, it is required that students attend at least 2 classes a week.  (note: out-of-town students will be logging studio class hours as well)

d.  Full participation in classroom discussions and demonstrations.  Attendance, participation, and group discussion is paramount towards the student’s understanding of the material.

Typical Schedule:
* Each day includes a group class practice for at least one hour.  Lunch is normally from 1:00pm-2:00pm

  • Class 1:  Yoga Foundation | 2 days Saturday- Sunday 9:30 am-5:00 pm
  • Class 2:  Science of Flexibility | 2 days Saturday- Sunday 9:30 am-5:30 pm
  • Class 3: Essential Biomechanics of Hatha Yoga | 3 days Friday-Sunday 9:30am-5:30pm
  • Class 4: Core Yoga and Vinyasa | 3 days Friday-Sunday 9:30am-5:30pm
  • Class 5: Science of Aging and Wellness | 3 days Friday – Sunday 9:30am-5:30pm
  • Class 6: Align and Restore | 3 days Friday – Sunday 9:30am-5:30pm
  • Class 7: Meditation, Methodology, and Management | 3 days Friday- Sunday 9:30am-5:30pm

All applications are subject to approval. Course content is proprietary and only for use by students with express permission from Yoga Integrated Science instructors.