Talk Science To Me: Barre Workouts

chrissy barreUnderstanding Active Range of Motion (AROM) is foundational to the approach we take when teaching Barre at Yoga Integrated Science™.  AROM is the movement at a joint without assistance other than the ability of the involved muscles to create proper contractions. A perfect example of this would be a student’s ability to raise their leg out in front of their body, flexing at the hip joint without assistance, rather than let’s say, picking up the leg forcefully and placing it on the ballet bar. Lifting the leg WITH assistance and placing it on the bar higher than (or beyond) our range is considered passive because in most cases the muscles were not able to achieve enough shortening to be able for us to enter this range.  Also, this may not even be possible in our joint structure! We want our muscles stay online during our classes, challenging our strength at the end of our range.

The instructors at Yoga Integrated Science™ are taught to honor the active range for each person, knowing that the ranges will vary from one student to anther.  More importantly, what we do in our end range is a significant focus in our classes. For example, if we were to raise our leg to the bar WITHOUT violating our AROM, then our next step would be to tighten the hip flexors and knee extensors, further strengthening in this posture. It is so important that we keep the muscles ‘turned on’ and engaged in order to maintain the structural integrity of our bodies. By doing so, we can move about our daily lives performing both ordinary activities, such as walking or standing with proper posture, as well as other activities such as sports, for example, which bring so much personal fulfillment to our lives.

Yoga I.S. Barre® and Pilates I.S. Barre® classes will test your limits as well as help you learn to honor them. Inspired by BALLET, grounded in SCIENCE, our Barre classes will target the glutes and thighs which are muscles necessary for the muscular balance of our hips. “Lifting” our backside and “sculpting” our thighs are simply a wonderful bonus to a great work out!

Chrissy Leake, BFA, RYT-200 Yoga Integrated Science™ Certified Instructor