RYS-200 Yoga Teacher Training Class 6

Class six wraps it all together and gets you ready to either teach or be able to apply what you have learned to your personal practice. We will be reviewing all the anatomy from classes 1-5 in a comprehensive question and answer session. We will present an in-depth study of the science of meditation (which you will have been working on) and its affects on the brain and our overall chemistry. We will present an in-depth lecture regarding teaching of yoga including class types, music, sequencing, incorporative philosophy, pranayama, and commanding a group. An in-depth analysis on the business of yoga and how to market yourself will complete the weekend. The last two days will include teaching methodology oral examinations regarding creation, instruction, observation, direct experience and critical analysis of your peers. Continue Reading

RYS-200 Yoga Teacher Training Class 5

Class Five includes an introduction to the joint anatomy and mechanical abilities of the cervical and capital spine. Three major inverted poses will be addressed, experienced and analyzed. An introduction to restorative yoga will be presented including a western explanation of ancient nadis and the chakra system with a comparison to our central nervous system. Experience a chakra-based practice. Class Five will use all the anatomy and biomechanics we have learned in classes 1-4 to introduce the intricate science of adjusting from all asana categories. By this weekend students will have had a lot of teaching experience, verbalizing what they are learning to others. Continue Reading

RYS-200 Yoga Teacher Training Class 4

Class Four will begin with a review, followed by the anatomy of the shoulder, elbow, wrist, and hand joints. We will be analyzing and experiencing several upper body poses to reinforce the lecture. Other topics for weekend four include: teaching to multiple levels, an introduction to the realities of aging, teaching to the deconditioned and/or senior population, and the qualities of leadership Continue Reading

RYS-200 Yoga Teacher Training Class 3

This weekend is devoted to the trunk and spine, its structure and mechanical abilities. We will look at several trunk-related yoga postures in-depth to reinforce the material. We will start looking at pranayama and vinyasa and the anatomy of the respiratory system. Also introduced is YOGression™: the science of yoga sequencing, with creation, observation, and feedback. An introduction to the process of viniyoga therapy will be covered. Continue Reading

RYS-200 Yoga Teacher Training Class 2

In class two we will explore joint anatomy in general of the foot, lower leg, knee, and hip. We will begin a comprehensive analysis of several lower body postures with study and practice. This weekend introduces the study of biomechanics as we learn about yoga props and their uses. See why Hatha Yoga is defined as force-ful yoga. Foundational Yoga philosophy includes the nine major mental, physical obstacles to yoga and exercise in general as well as a introductory look at the book the Bhagavad Gita with the 20 Values necessary for an enlightened being. Continue Reading

RYS-200 Yoga Teacher Training Class 1

Class one includes an introduction to Yoga IS, plus a brief history of yoga. This class is the most important to lay the foundation of Yoga IS with the Science of Flexibility and its historical continuity lecture. Learn all about range of motion and the many theories about stretching. Learn basic neurophysiology and how muscles create tension. Foundational Yoga philosophy includes the Yamas and the Niyamas with the weekend ending in an exploration of the Ethics of a Yoga Teacher. Continue Reading