Personal Yoga Training and Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy is not a new concept, but here at Yoga Integrated Science® we are defining this trend in a whole new way! Yoga is an ideal way to bring mindfulness to your daily activities. It is also an excellent way to explore and grow your the range of motion in your joints. Our unique bio-mechanical approach to your well being is the perfect addition to any recovery or rehabilitation program.

Health is a journey, not a destination. Personal yoga training is perfect in conjunction with other types of personal training, Muscle Activation Techniques™, or even your favorite group yoga classes. The Yoga Integrated Science™ team of teachers and personal physical trainers will guide you on the path to increased strength, range of motion and overall body awareness.

Your yoga therapy program will be constructed specifically for you, and it will evolve along with your changing needs as you progress. You will learn which poses are right for you, and how to safely modify them as you work on individual strength building components. Yoga is a complicated and varied exercise system. We will show you how to use yoga as a tool for improved strength, flexibility, balance, and an overall sense of mindfulness.

With a personal yoga trainer you will:

  • Uncover imbalances in your range of motion that need to be addressed in your yoga routine
  • Learn to use joint-specific isometric resistance applications to improve your overall strength
  • Get a prescription for the poses that are right for you today, and you will learn how to progress through the states of them safely as your strength increases.
  • Understand how to add props to your practice to help improve strength for a feeling of overall stability
  • Learn biofeedback techniques that will help you deal with stress
  • Understand more about your health and diet regimen to make sure you’re getting the nutrition that is right for YOU
  • Meditation and pranayama exercises that are specifically geared to YOUR needs.

Personal Yoga Training/Therapy Pricing & Package Options

Work with Lauren Eirk

Single Session

  • 60 Minutes ($125)

Work with Jill Fowler

Single Session

  • 60 Minutes ($100)

Work with Jamie Wise

Single Session

  • 60 Minutes ($75)

Duet Session

  • 60 Minutes ($100)

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