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What is Muscle Activation Techniques™?

Muscle Activation Techniques, or MAT, is a diagnostic technique developed by Greg Roskop to the study of the “cause and effect” of the muscular system and how it relates to pain. MAT programs systematically look at muscle tightness as a symptom of muscle weakness. By addressing muscle weakness, the body no longer protects or guard itself from instability and the tight muscles are “reset” or released. Regular assessment and treatment prepares your body for exercise. These procedures work to address the “weak links” in your musculature system, allowing your body to function as it is intended.

Whether you are an athlete, a youth playing sports, a baby boomer or senior citizen just looking to get up and down more easily, Muscle Activation Techniques will dramatically reduce muscle and joint pain. MAT in conjunction with personal training and class participation will also help you increase your range of joint motion and help you improve your stability, strength and flexibility. Treatment can range anywhere from once or twice to weekly until you reach your goals.

When Personal Training becomes TRULY personal

There are several types of MAT programs, meaning there is an appropriate program for you.

  • Weak muscles can be first “jump-started”, then further integrated into a safe exercise regimen
  • Regular assessment provides a “checks and balance” system to decide which activities are right for YOUR body.
  • Ensure safe exercise progression by improving muscle contractile ability and sustainability.
  • Learn exercises that are specific to your body’s intramuscular needs.
  • Assessments will be used throughout your training to make sure that exercise is not breaking you down.

MAT can help you

  • Become stronger and more stable
  • Recover faster after surgery
  • Prevent Sports Injuries
  • Improve Sports Performance
  • Enhance your exercise program
  • Slow down or even reverse the aging process of joint arthritis and wear

Getting Started with MAT

Health History Session with Lauren

  • First time/ New Clients only
  • 2 Hour Assessment

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Health History Session with Cody

  • First time/ New Clients only
  • 2 Hour Assessment

Health History Session with Jill

  • First time/ New Clients only
  • 2 Hour Assessment

You can learn more about MAT from the Muscle Activation Techniques website.

MAT Pricing & Package Options

MAT with Lauren Eirk MATRx

Work with Lauren Single MATRx Session

  • Single MATRx Session

Work with Lauren 10 MATRx Sessions

  • 10 MATRx Sessions

MAT with Cody Eubank MATRx

Work with Cody Single MATCS Session

  • Single MATCS Session

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Work with Cody 10 MATCS Sessions

  • 10 MATCS Sessions

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MAT with Jill Fowler MATRx

Work with Jill Single MATCS Session

  • Single MATCS Session

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Work with Jill 5 MATCS Sessions

  • 5 MATCS Sessions

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You can learn more about MAT in general by visiting our FAQ page. You can learn more about the individual types of MAT programming by visiting Greg Roskopf’s website.