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Is MAT® like a massage?

No. Muscle Activation Techniques™ (MAT™) is not massage therapy : Massage Therapy helps to improve the circulation of blood through the body and to speed the removal of metabolic waste products from muscles. It also helps relieve mental stress, and can improve concentration, as well as promoting a restful sleep. MAT™ is designed to uncover and strengthen weak muscles that can cause tension in the body. Massage deals with relieving areas of tightness in the body by pushing into the actual tight muscles.

Is MAT the same as Physical Therapy?

No. Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT™) is not Physical Therapy : Physical therapy includes procedures such as therapeutic exercises, and the application of electro-physical modalities. These are valuable procedures, but they do not address or resolve the underlying problems caused by muscular imbalances.

Is MAT the same as Chiropractic care?

No. Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT™) is not chiropractic care : Traditional chiropractic care focuses on the relationship between the spinal skeletal system and the nervous system, but it does not focus on the muscular system and the correction of muscular imbalances.

Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT™) and chiropractic do work well together, but without MAT, the results of chiropractic techniques are often limited in their ability to provide complete resolution. Example when a chiropractor performs a spinal adjustment, many times the client goes back only to have the same procedure performed again and again. This is because the muscles have failed to hold the spine in its proper alignment.

MAT’s job is to re-activate inhibited muscles and to make sure all muscles are functioning properly to hold the chiropractic adjustments.

Is MAT™ the same as Active Release Techniques?

No. Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) is not Active Release Techniques (ART): ART Is a non-invasive soft tissue treatment process that both locates and breaks down the scar tissue adhesion which can cause pain, stiffness, weakness numbness, and physical dysfunctions associated with repetitive stress injuries. MAT asks “why did this scar tissue get there in the first place??? By balancing the muscular system, MAT can take the force off the area that created the scar tissue in the first place.

MAT Treatment Types | Certification Levels of Practitioner

MAT™ Jump Start Specialist
Using Comparative Assessment of Mobility (CAM) and joint positional testing, the trainer uses various isometric resistance exercises to offer clients a solution that addresses the muscular systems role in their chronic pain and injury.
Lauren Eirk, Cody Eubank, Jill Fowler

MAT™ Certified Specialist (MATCS)
Trained to use Comparative Assessment of Mobility or CAM, to indicate which muscles have decreased contractile ability, Joint positional sustain and contract muscle testing and digital force palpation are applied to restore that muscle’s efficiency. The MAT™ Certified Specialist is trained and certified to perform several force application techniques that can restore function and strengthen weak muscles.
Lauren Eirk, Cody Eubank

MAT™ Master Level Certified Specialist (MATm)
Practitioner has fulfilled all MAT™ Continuing Education Requirements and has advanced his or her skills and obtain MAT™ Mastery Specialist Certification. The Master level practitioner has worked to explore the specific divisions of the body and fine tune the appropriate muscle tests. They have been exposed to the most progressive MAT™ research, development, and muscle tests. They have also achieved the MAT Specialist certification.
Lauren Eirk

MATRx Certified Specialist (MATRx)
The elite level of MAT. Having completed the Specialist and Master level Certifications, the Rx Practitioner has learned the most advanced total body process to achieve improved results. The MATRx skillset focuses on techniques that can deliver even greater contractile abilities, a higher muscular stress threshold, and an increased ability for the muscles to “hold” this contractile ability. The future of MAT, this treatment can provide the greatest results. This process was created exclusively by Greg Roskopf, who has successfully used this research to treat high level athletes to perform at an optimum level.
Lauren Eirk, Certified MATRx Full Body  

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