About Personal Training & MAT®

Please note: We are orderd by the Commonwealth of Kentucky to temporarily close our business right now due to the COVID-19 Virus epidepic.  Please visit us on the Yoga Integrated Science YouTube Channel Monday Wednesday and Friday for a 10:00am EST more vigorous practice and an 11:15am EST Therapeutic/genle Yoga Practice.  This is Live and there is no cost to you.  

What is Personal Training?

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Our personal training services are designed to provide the most advanced evaluation in exercise prescription, yoga therapy and personalized fitness instruction. Our personal trainers will motivate you, helping you to set goals and providing feedback on your progress, technique and ability. Your personal trainer will measure your strengths and weaknesses and assess your potential injury areas with fitness assessments to create a science based program specifically for you. Personal training is ideal for anyone that is recovering from an injury or who would like to push themselves beyond where traditional class participation can take them.

  • Exercises taught in personal training sessions are specific to your body’s neuromuscular system
  • Exercise regimens that will make you stronger and not break you down
  • A wide variety of resistance equipment is used to progress muscle tissue from MAT® sessions
  • MAT, personal training, yoga therapy,  stress management, Heart Math® and prescribed yoga & Pilates classes to get a Jump Start on your Health.
  • Evaluate your current exercise regime and see if we can improve your results
  • Get better results with lasting effects that will help put you on the right track towards joint integrity and muscular performance than you ever thought possible.  We will make you change your views about exercise forever!

Learn more about our Personal Training options by visiting the Personal Training page or request a private consultation today.

What is Muscle Activation Techniques™ (MAT)?

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mat_logo_2xMAT is a specific and unique process that is used to improve an individual’s ability to develop efficient muscle contraction (s) as indicated by the measurement and comparison of AROM symmetry issues on each side of the body.  The MAT process can address hundreds of muscles and  joints in order to uncover the muscular issues that could be contributing to the loss of physical performance and associated subjective complaints.  This complex process leads to what could be many sessions of work, performed over time, to solve existing problems.  MAT evaluates the body as a mechanical system and the interrelationship of the joints. The premise of MAT is to prioritize weakness instead of tightness, as loss of range of motion is viewed as a strength issue.

You can learn more about Muscle Activation Techniques training, its origins, and its creator Greg Roskopf or by visiting the  MAT section of our blog.

What is Yoga Therapy?

Our highly trained staff can assist you in private, one-on-one settings for individuals or small groups to help you to get the most from our revolutionary Yoga Integrated Science Methodology.  Yoga Therapy is designed to help the individual by designing a program just for you as we consider the mind-body-spirit connection of treating the whole person.  Together we will:

  • Uncover Range of Motion imbalances that need to be addressed in your yoga routine
  • Show you how to use joint-specific isometric resistance applications to improve overall strength
  • Give you a prescription of which poses are right for you today, and how to progress them safely
  • Show you how to add props to your practice to help improve strength for a feeling of overall stability
  • Teach you biofeedback techniques that can be immediately implemented to help you deal with stress
  • Assist your health and diet regimen for nutrition that is right for YOU
  • Help with meditation and pranayama exercises that are specifically geared to YOUR needs.