Meet our newest teacher Brandon Hubbard, BA, RYT-200!

Brandon HubbardOne of the most rewarding things about my profession is that I get to meet some amazing individuals.  To be able to mentor others and help them to discover their God-given talents is a huge joy for me.  In my last group of teacher training students, I had many talented students.  I wanted to introduce one student in particular that just finished submitting all of his coursework and has now achieved his RYT-200 Certification through Yoga Alliance®.  He will start teaching in the Yoga I.S.® Wellness Studio this month!  Brandon  is a Louisville native and holds a B.A. in Economics from the University of Maryland College Park.  Brandon had a back injury years ago that propelled him to seek many other avenues to alleviate pain but it wasn’t until showing up on the yoga mat that he finally found relief.   He says that he “saw first hand the benefits of  the Yoga Integrated Science™ methodology.”  His immediate recognition of the therapeutic value of his own yoga practice is what inspired him to become a Hatha Yoga instructor. Now he wants to empower others who are currently in similar circumstances that he was in at one time.

Brandon’s homework papers were always a joy to read.  He has so many interests and studies regularly with Dr. Rebecca Martin in Louisville.  When asked to explain how the practice of Hatha Yoga and learning about Anatomy, Physiology, Biomechanics, and Neurophysiology, could lead to the practice of meditation, I was very impressed with his answer.  He has given me permission to share it with our readers.  This summarizes Brandon’s approach to teaching Yoga.

“The practice of Hatha Yoga through the eyes of a student of science will begin to understand that our mind-body connection is present. Strengthening our body through proper asanas is no different from strengthening our minds with proper thoughts. “Where attention goes energy flows” a quote by James Redfield explains just that. Where we put our intention, whether it be in our Hatha practice or our thoughts about ourselves and others, we ultimately shape its outcome. If we are able to understand this concept in the physical body, we then can apply it to the mental planes also. When we think about meditation we often think of sitting in a quite space with our eyes closed like the Buddha. However, this is not the only way, as we can incorporate the meditative mindset into any of our daily activities, strengthening functional bonds with ourselves and others. Quantum mechanics has also proven this to be true in wave-particle duality experiments, where the observers’ intention effects the outcome. Understanding that the mind and our heart are not individual entities, but a part of the whole, we can use the practice of mediation to healBrandon teaching ourselves and the world.”

When Brandon is not on the mat you can find him exploring the natural world.  He loves nature and embraces it by rock climbing, kayaking, snow skiing, camping, and hiking with his dog Tucker.  He has been searching to find his path and has found it in teaching.  He has a passion to help others feel better in their bodies and help them to live their best life.

Brandon says, “I don’t know if words can do any justice to the mental and physical stability that Yoga has instilled in my life.  Not just any Yoga, but the manner that it has been presented to me from Yoga I.S.® teachings and understandings.  It is truly a work of art that has brought about the fulfillment I was unaware of.  My understanding of the information has allowed me to recognize that any individual who is ready to make a change can definitely achieve it through this type of methodology.  I could keep going but words won’t do it justice so you will have to find out for yourself.” 

His students will find just that.  A creative, passionate, intelligent soul, Brandon is a great addition to the Yoga I.S.® team of Instructors and we are all proud of him as well as all of his fellow graduates!

Lauren Eirk, MS, E-RYT 500, MATm, YACEP
MATRx Wrist and Hand Specialist
Director of Teacher Training