MAT™ means no pain and the same sized pants

The Challenge

Tom Hudson, now age 68, has always been a health, fitness and nutrition junkie. He has always been active and maintained a commitment to health. At age 58, Tom started developing back problems from working in the yard and carrying out life’s daily activities. He had always gone to chiropractors for relief. But after one particular episode of working in the yard, and four chiropractor visits later, he realized it wasn’t solving the problem.

The Solution

Tom learned about Lauren Eirk from a personal trainer who suggested Learn more about Muscle Activation Techniques for his back. He was willing to give it a shot, and to his surprise what he found was a new form of therapy that has since changed everything. “I was fascinated by MAT,” said Tom. “She had me lie down on this table and she tested all of the muscles to see if they had strength. She would ask me to resist pressure and I just couldn’t. She did a few treatments and retested and then I could do it.”

Tom saw progress immediately. “I felt a difference with the very first treatment,” said Tom. “The difference was being in no pain versus pain.” Tom continued to go back for a total of about 6 sessions before he felt fully recovered. He did not go back to the chiropractor for a long time after that.

“The difference was being in no pain versus pain.”

—Tom Hudson

Over the course of the last ten years, Tom has continued to work with Lauren and has continued to place his physical health as a top priority. He’s had memberships at LAC, Urban Active (now LA Fitness) and most recently at Milestone. He and his wife, Nancy, now do personal training once a week along with yoga classes at Yoga Integrated Science. “The gym at Yoga IS is really nice,” Tom said. “It’s clean and well kept, and everything you need is right there. The thing I like about the yoga classes at Yoga Integrated Science is that it is an intellectual approach to yoga. You get an explanation with what’s going on with the muscles and energy system. It’s a very thoughtful approach.”

The Result

Tom’s well-rounded practice of yoga classes, personal training and monthly MAT sessions has him in good shape allowing him to actively participate in life. Through his work with Lauren, he has gained a lot of insight to the root causes of his physical issues. “Society often fails to understand nutrition and how our body works,” said Tom. “No one works on muscles except the MAT guys. Before MAT, I would try to go to the chiropractor with hopes that he is putting my skeleton back in alignment, and then I would go to Lauren to put my muscles back. It seems obvious to me now.” The thing that fascinates him is how MAT can wake up the muscles and say, “come on, get back to work.” That’s why he goes on a monthly basis for a tune up to keep the muscles in shape and for preventative maintenance.

“I will continue to do this for as long as I can; I’m committed to it,” said Tom. “I may not in the best of shape in terms of being an athlete… but I am in terms of enjoying life without pain, and that is important.” When asked what he felt was the single biggest benefit or gain from doing this work, Tom very simply replied, “No pain and wearing the same size pants!”