There are so many schools out there. How does the Yoga Integrated Science™ Program compare?

Yoga Teacher training is much more common these days. Did you know that currently there is not any regulation of how a course is structured? There is also little in the way of standards. At Yoga Integrated Science we take our jobs very seriously. Yoga and Yoga Therapy are becoming more and more a part of health in the medical field.

We want to accommodate those medical, fitness, and allied health professions that need a deeper understanding of yoga and its power to heal. As more and more research is done in this field, doctors will refer their patients to this practice in greater numbers over other forms of physical therapy and exercise.

We believe the responsibility of Yoga teachers is great. Yoga injuries are very real and quite prevalent. Yoga Integrated Science raises the bar in yoga education standards. We are dealing with a human body that has real laws governed by the sciences of anatomy and physics. Let us help you to build a firm foundation with the addition of a great understanding and perspective of this ancient practice.