La Transition

transition Dharma


It is a word you hear a lot.  I am not talking about how you transition from one pose to another, not yet anyway. I am talking about how one can transition from one job to another, from one house to another, and for me, from one studio to another.  As I am getting ready to leave behind “my” studio, I ponder.  Not only will have to find a studio where I want to practice, but also one where I would want to teach.  I have never dealt with changes very well, but these are big ones. Moving to another state adds another dimension to it, making la transition more intricate.  Can the little dung beetle deal with all of that? Literally, I have to get my shit together on that one.

I have left a family behind when I moved to the states.  Leaving this studio is leaving another family behind, and it is not less emotional.  I saw the studio growing from its infant stage to a stable environment. I trained with other teachers who also grew with the studio.  We all learned how to assess and not violate students’ range of motion.  The same way I brought my culture when I crossed the ocean, I am going to take that knowledge with me.  My learnings are here to stay.   Little dung beetle there you go, you got it.

More than once, I have had a student who is certified to teach and yet does not.  It always makes me wonder about that person.  Why don’t they teach?  Don’t they have the desire to teach?  I don’t want to be one of them.  A dung beetle is a dung beetle is a dung beetle.

Alors cette transition, should I jump into it or make it more of a vinyasa?   The dung beetle is not known for its finesse, more for his strength, but for once it is going to have to be patient.  It is only one more pose to work towards.