La Patience

PatienceA writer will tell you words don’t come easy (and so did Annie Lennox).  The yoga student experiences a similar problem.  Il manque de patience, and practice does not come easy.

Try to tell a student (even worse, try to tell yourself) that “Everything comes with practice”.  Throw in a “Pattabhi Jois said”, and the student’s eyes will instantly glaze over.  Trying to save face, you quickly add an Albert Einstein quote (who does not know Albert Einstein right?)  “Put your hand on a stove for a minute, and it seems like an hour. Sit with that special girl for an hour and it seems like a minute”.

I say, “Practice yoga till the day you die, even if it feels like a life time”.  Yes indeed, pratiquez le yoga jusq’au jour de votre mort, même si ça parait toute une vie.  My short experience has taught me just that and more.  I am convinced it will take me more than one lifetime to improve and look like the “yogi” who pose for the magazine I receive monthly; the same magazine I am afraid to read. I have come to wonder if the magazine is really about yoga or more about “models” who make us drool and remind us how we will never look like them.  Photoshop anybody?  Bitter moi?  Never, but they do make me feel like dung, a dung beetle that is.

Since I already know (and so do you) I am coming back as a dung beetle my next time around, I can tell you I will patiently still be working on my balance and overall strength.  I can already see you smirking, looking at your computer. Don’t be so fast in judging the dung beetle.  “In tests, male horned dung beetles were able to pull 1,141 times their own body weight –  the equivalent of a person dragging six fully-laden double decker buses” (David Dershire, Daily Mail, 3/24/2010).  A one arm handstand would be a piece of cake.  Another question comes up, would you want to eat a piece of cake that has been touched by a beetle?

You are still not convinced about the dung beetle?  Call me a scarab, the ancient Egyptians may change your mind yet.

Whether you want to call me dung beetle, scarab, annoying yogi or not call me at all, I will always tell you “Patience Grasshopper”.