Jimmy Buffett – Music Therapist and Life Coach

 Jimmy Buffett – Music Therapist and Life Coach: Coming to Louisville end of November.  jimmy buffet photo

No doubt a little “Island Escapism” will be welcome. Take me away Coral Reefers.   Calling up memories of that tropical vacation with a Caribbean vibe and some get right down in the mud country.

Yes, yes Jimmy has knowingly used unsavory language at times and perhaps controversial as a role model.  His standard apology “bless me father I have sinned, given a chance I’d probably do it again.”  OK not so sincere.   How can you deny his part in billions taking personal responsibility over and over again while singing MARGARETIVILLE?  “Some people say there’s a woman to blame, but I know…..pause……It’s My Own Damn Fault.”  Know that mantra by heart.  Do I need to go and chant it with the other Parrot heads?  I am content reading the simple poetry and tantric philosophy of:

“Coastal Confessions”

Well I’m a tidal pool explorer from the days of my misspent youth.     I believe down on the beach where the sea gulls preach is where the Chinese buried the truth.    So I dig in the sand with my misguided hands, and if I dig deep enough hell I just might dig it up.   Talking about treasure, talking about pleasure, talking about love.

Now I’m a reader of the night sky and a singer of inordinate tunes.   That’s how I float across time, living way past my prime, like a long lost baby’s balloon.    So I hang on to the string, Work that whole gravity thing, but when my space ship goes pop,   back to the earth I will drop, Into the sea , Or the limbs of a tree, Or the wings of my love…

Rather well-spent youth.   Jimmy, you’re kidding me, wasted time?   Any time you’ve spent in communion with mother and father source consciousness wasted?  Rather guided by Love, of Nature’s mysteries and solid principles.  Yoga seekers find there is no magic key to universe.  That’s the bad news, the good news is:  it is left unlocked for you.  Everyone knows yoga but may have forgotten the YOGA PLEASURE PRINCIPLE.  All sources of joy and freedom are within.  Once experienced, wordlessly urges you to repeat and expound.  Not that the amazing insights and feelings of practice can always be repeated.   But the Butterfly Effect of that practice, good, bad or neutral, show up in your life. Maybe on some do-nothing Tuesday morning you have that moment of peaceful awareness.

WARNING:    May cut into your already busy worry schedule.   CAUTION, that list may just float away to be replaced by a clearer perspective.