Jack Howell, Age 40, Takes His Life Back with MAT / Personal Training

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Jack Howell, age 40 and Founder, Senior Managing Partner of Ion Energy Solutions smart metering, grew up as a swimmer and runner and enjoyed an active lifestyle. He began to develop issues with his lower back and hip and he had to give up running. He took a liking to the gym while in college, but suffered an injury while performing squats. “I went to my limit on physical therapy and chiropractic help and my insurance cut me off,” said Jack. “It was either surgery or another solution.”

The Solution  jack howell2

Jack learned about MAT from a friend and thought he would give it a try. He had no idea what to expect, but he knew he was getting tired of his routine of waking up each morning and having to stretch for 15 minutes until everything cracked. He was living in a lot of pain and doing yoga regularly, performing poses as passive stretches unknowingly adding to his muscle inhibition.

“My mind was blown away by my first treatment,” Jack recalls. “Lauren would do her muscle tests for range of motion and my muscles would be completely weak. She would treat me, and then 15-20 minutes later I would have the feeling and strength and neurological response in those muscles. It was so crazy and out of the box.”

“I knew that there was improvement after the first treatment. It was probably 4-5 treatments before I saw considerable progress. I didn’t do enough to support the weakness that she addressed. That was the problem for me at first. Lauren could tell exactly what was wrong with me and she could address it so accurately and so specifically. But there was so much atrophy that I didn’t have the muscular support to help it. Now I am doing a lot more to support these weaknesses.”

Jack has been such a long–time client that he is now experiencing the highest level of muscle testing called the “MATRx” prescriptive process.  Jack feels that it is “holding longer” and can be reinforced when he is instructed to do specific exercises in the gym to support his individual issues.  He says, “The RX process is genius.  In addition, the thing she is so good at is cueing exercise in the gym…she shows you the right and correct anatomical positions so you are isolating a specific muscle weakness to strengthen it and restore that balance.”

The Result  MAT_logo_sm

Over the years, Jack has been able to avoid surgeries that once seemed like the only solution. He no longer has the level of pain he used to experience on a regular basis. He continues to go for MAT whenever he feels like his body needs a “tune up” which for him may be a couple times a week or once a month. “I learn so much from Lauren every time I go. She spends 75-90 minutes with me, one-on-one. You can’t buy that kind of attention in physical therapy!” said Jack. “MAT enables me to stay extremely active. And the personal training allows me to support the progress I make with MAT. It gives me the confidence to live life and be able to sit in a seat for a car ride or airplane ride, whereas in previous years I couldn’t even sit on a hard seat.”

“I’ve learned that stretching makes you more restrictive and strengthening gives you more range of motion. I haven’t stretched in years. When I know something is tight, I know something is weak somewhere else. When my hamstrings are tight, I work on my hips. Lauren has taught me what to do to counteract weakness, and it’s not stretching. And I’m more flexible than I’ve ever been!”