I came back to yoga…The reason is simple, I decided I was happy.


Why did you come to the world of yoga (let’s face it, it is another world)?  I want to say what brought you to yoga?  Raise your hand if you came without expectations or reasons?  I do not see too many hands.

Did you come to yoga because of physical pain of some sort?  In fact who came to yoga because their back was hurting?  Wow, I see many hands up, and I am right there with you guys.

Who came to yoga because of some mental, psychological pain? I still see many hands up again.  Death, divorce, break up and no longer able to know what or who to turn to?  My hand is still up.  In fact often, physical and mental pain go hand in hand.  I keep my hand raised.

Who stopped yoga because their back or other body part no longer hurt?

Who stopped yoga because the mental pain was gone?

Let’s stay you are still doing yoga but you are skipping more and more classes.  There is always an excuse. The best one is “I am tired”. Come up with something better! Remember the energy yoga was giving you when you were all the way down and could barely move.  That energy is still there.  How about, “I have so much work, I have no time”.  Think again darling, you were making time before.

Don’t take this as a beating, it is not meant to be one (though I am kicking myself in the …). I have done it done it all.  If you are wondering how I can physically kick myself, I cannot.  I stopped yoga, I stopped teaching yoga, I cannot get into these kinds of poses anymore.  Could I ever? I could not, there are physical restrictions I had come to accept.  So much for the strength I had, I was shaking when I practiced yesterday.  Some of you may remember my classes, they were not what I would call gentle. You did correctly read? “when I practiced yesterday”.  What’s that all about?.  The answer is easy,  I am slowly coming back to my mat. These last few days I have felt the energy return, the need to share my experience, help.

I know you are wondering why I came back to yoEric Happyga.  The reason is simple, I decided I was happy.

La fin!

Eric Semet, MA, RYT-200
Yoga I.S. Instructor
Miami, FL