Health Comes in Layers

image2Health comes in layers. I can say this in regards to physical and emotional health. My years of working as an MAT specialist has taught me this. Whenever I get someone on my table, their physical history unfolds. You see surgical scars, congenital deformities, large rom limitations- you see pain, causes for pain, and how people compensate. I see MAT as an analogy for this human life. You experience pain and disappointment; then try to compensate around it. Sometimes it is by doing things that you think will ease the ache you feel; Perhaps you stay busy with work or appointments, maybe you drown your sorrows with your favorite alcohol or ice cream. Whatever it is we choose, often there comes a time to account for it all, a time to realize that those too need to change, and that in your attempts to cover the pain, you’ve created more damage to address and undo.

Then you FullSizeRender (3)seek help– in the mental health world you may seek advice, counseling or books. In the physical health realm you see Lauren, Jill, Cody, or me. I wish people could see what I see when they get on my table. As I test and examine the causes for their pain, a history unfolds before me; a history of injury, compensation, and burn out. A history of pain that has become so great they cannot continue. Then comes the treatment- the time to identify the compensation, uncover the weakness layer by layer, and then dive in.

For those of you whom have been treated with MAT, you know what I mean. You find what has been giving you grief and then dig in more. Test, treat, re-test; the process can open a royal can of worms, or provide instant relief. No matter what you feel, I can guarantee this: you are getting stronger. Range of motion starts to open, muscles start to test strong again. You may not always feel the growth in FullSizeRender (9)strength at first, but in facing your limitations and working to change them, you already are. In the emotional and physical realm, never stop growing, never stop seeking help. You are getting stronger, whether you realize it or not.

April Henderson, BS, MAT™ Certified Specialist, NSCA-CSCS Personal Trainer, SPT

April HendersonApril Henderson received her Bachelor of Science degree from Asbury University in 2005 and will graduate from Bellarmine University with a Doctorate of Physical therapy degree in May 2017. She worked as a sport performance coach at Velocity until her brother experienced a severe back injury in a basketball game in 2009. After witnessing his incredible recovery, thanks to MAT treatment from Lauren Eirk, she pursued the field and became certified the following year. Since then she has continued her studies in April Hendersonphysical therapy and is returning from a six month physical therapy internship at Oregon Health and Science Univeristy. Her emphasis has been working with acute and outpatient orthopedic patients of all ages. In her down time, April enjoys the outdoors, particularly rock climbing and bouldering. Her mission is to empower people to be informed and pro-active in their health. April is available for MAT and Personal Training by appointment by contacting Yoga I.S.® Wellness Center