Everything is Energy

 energy 2As my students prepare to graduate from the Virginia Teacher Training, I find myself reflecting tonight about life, work, and friends.  I have met so many great health professionals on this path and I am sad to see this training end.  On this journey, I am thankful for some awesome people who have really changed my life.  One in particular has taught me a lot about life and what is really important in the few times that I have met with her.  Teresa Thomkins is the owner of the studio Equilibrium Wellness here in Toano.  I have had the pleasure of experiencing her energy work while here.  She has given me two energy sessions along with the many conversations.  It is hard to describe this type of work, since I have been working in such a material form of science for so long, studying the body, the joints, and the physical aspects of Hatha Yoga and exercise in general.  I have always felt comfortable in what I know to be true.

Tonight was my second Body Talk® session, where I experienced a new kind of muscle testing.  I have listened to physicians, MAT practitioners and professors speak about the human body all my life and had never been open to experiencing energy work, even though I know it to be a huge field.  My results have been somewhat profound, with a reinforcement that we not only are governed by physical experiences, but emotional and spiritual experiences as well.  It made me stop and think about why so many people are drawn to the healing powers of Yoga.  I can see all the physical benefits of Yoga, with improved range of motion and strength.  The thing that I always wonder about is how to describe that connection and peace that one feels from Yoga?  It is not a tangible feeling that can be explained through quantifiable data.  It is truly a “feeling”.

What happens when we slow down the body?  Is it then that we discover the speed at which our mind is operating?  With all the MAT I have done, and all the joint analysis I have studied, how does an energy worker find a blockage of energy under my right shoulder that is somehow associated with a trauma I suffered and emotionally stuffed, remove it, and subsequently cause my range of motion to significantly change after a 45 minute session?  Not only that, how do I explain the emotional release I have been feeling weeks after the session as I allow my traumatic experience to release?  I can’t explain it.  All I know is that I learned back in college that solids, liquids, and gases all relate to the arrangement of molecules and speed of their vibration.

What if the very things we take for granted such as the time period we are experiencing at this moment is only based our perception?  What if the reality we perceive is not entirely accurate?  What is time anyway? How many ways do our body and our mind compensate in order for us to survive our current state?  Not only does it make me appreciate the complexity of our minds, it makes me start to question everything.  All I know is that Yoga has something that no other form of exercise has ever given me…and I am one of millions of people who say the same thing.  As Quantum physics dictates, we are all made of particles, and all particles come from a field of “NO-thingness”  We all come from spirit and I believe more and more that this practice can help us get better in tune with it.  Any way we get there, we all just want to feel better!