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Heart Power: HeartMath Self Discovery Course

February 12 @ 10:30 am


Heart Power

Yoga I.S. client and HeartMath instructor Angie Brown will present “Heart Power”, an Eight-Week course that will guide students on an inner journey of self-discovery.  Supported by over 30 years of scientific data, HeartMath is a system of techniques which converts “stress lockdown” into free-flowing energy that allows a life of creativity, productivity, and personal fulfillment. Angie has taught HeartMath for over 15 years.
By combining HeartMath with her own intuitive-heart guidance, Angie creates a safe and supportive environment in which she gently leads participants to discover their own heart’s wisdom. 

Students will learn simple, effective, and easy-to-use techniques that bring the heart’s core qualities into daily life, awakening inner wholeness and emotional well-being. The eight-week course will meet on Wednesday mornings, starting on February 12 from 10:30 a.m. – 12:00pm.  The course is limited to 8 people.  Angie will give you tools that can be directly used to lead a happier, more productive life.  The cost for the entire course is $320.00.  Angie will help you to understand the foundational teachings of HeartMath.  

  • Use Biofeedback tools to monitor how you are managing stress
  • Learn what long-standing patterns in your life are keeping you from reaching your greatest potential
  • Learn how to become “unstuck” in your life with useable tools to help you increase your productivity
  • Discover how stress is affecting your health and how to manage it
  • Learn how to become more aware of your own intuitive power

Words from Angie…

“The class limited to 8 people  Group classes follow the same course as One on One sessions. The only format change is that we are in a group, sharing our stories learning and transforming in a group setting.

This is an 8 week emergence into YOUR heart, a powerful opportunity available for you in a group setting. We start with your story. Where you feel stuck, disempowered, anxious, frustrated, angry, unfulfilled, challenged. Your edge. When we are on the edge, it is a place we all come to when we have reached our limit, our ability to move past the challenge at hand. Recognizing we do not have the tools or information necessary to empower ourselves with accomplishing the desire’s of our heart, our full potential we know we are capable of.

  • When this is done in a group, a connection and synchronicity occur. You share if you feel inspired. Often another’s story activates in you a healing just as profound as your own story. Where more than one come together… You only share what feels safe & appropriate for You. I do create boundaries so no one person can take over the group and use the group as their own personal session.
  • Each week we look at what is coming to the surface for you to explore. We just stay present with what is, NOW.
  • As I listen, I tap into my heart’s intuition and lovingly guide you to your heart for answers & transformation using HeartMath’s 30 years of science and techniques, that are simple and ease to use.
  • I teach how our stressful feeling affect our physiology, mind & body. How stress creates harmful hormonal imbalances the deplete our whole system of wellbeing. You then learn how choosing higher heart qualities like peace, appreciation, care, joy & compassion, create a different outcome in personal fulfillment, a feeling of renewal, as you learn to bring a healing rhythm into your mind & body.
  • We end each session with a guided heart meditation. One that is uniquely created from the groups conversation. You are encouraged to record the meditations on your phone so you have them to practice & listen to during the week.
  • At the end of the 8 weeks you learn & experience all the HeartMath techniques. You will have a clearer understanding of your inner landscape, how to handle day to day challenges with more grace. You will know how to energize your system and restore balance. You will understand that when you connect to your heart daily clarity, intuition and your True Light awaken, hope is restored !

Each session in this 8 week course is an hour and a half. If you have to skip a class for any reason, I provide the hand outs and give a brief overview of what was taught that week

You can also call or email Angie


“Angie takes time to get to know you, your heart, and your path that led you here. Through meditation and open discussion, Angie guides you to find the true core of your being and ignite your heart’s desires. Through HeartMath® with Angie, I was able to reveal my true authentic self and inner peace I had so desperately wanted to find. ~ Andrea S

“I began HeartMath® with Angie when I was at one of the lowest points of my life. I can’t even begin to wrap my words around how much of a difference it made for me. Angie is the most loving, calm, insightful teacher and she was able to teach me methods of HeartMath® so that I could carry over easily at home. The program helped me overcome grief, anxiety, fear, and self doubt and lifted me up to another level of Spirituality. I am forever grateful for Angie and this program. I have referred many of my friends to her and they have had the same outcome. She is a gift” ~Jamie M

“My doctor referred me to Angie for stress and anxiety related to my medical issues. So glad I followed through. Each visit has been no less than transformational. I am now able to feel core heart qualities like peace & a sense of well-being” ~Tieci M

“Angie has provided me a new found freedom, peace and compassion for myself. A way for me to find the path to the purest wisdom of my Soul, through my heart.”
~Amy O 

“Moving from my head to my heart has been a challenging; it still is, but not as much. Since working with Angie I feel more at peace, less reactionary. I listen more with a sense of calmness. All in all I feel better about myself, for which I am very grateful!” ~Holly G

“Angie has a gift for tapping into our inner world and connecting to the energy of the universe. I was introduced to Angie and HeartMath® more than 10 years ago and it sparked my interest. After a cancer diagnosis years later, I contacted Angie for HeartMath® sessions. Her intuition and gentle approach was just what I needed.! She is a diamond in the rough!” ~Karen K

“Through my work with Angie I was able to generate insight into the way I was contributing to a dissatisfaction with life, my career, and family. I broadened my understanding of the deep discord and was provided the tools to acknowledge the source of discontent. Through heart meditation I noticed a tremendous shift in the way I thought about things/situations with a much deeper and more inquisitive approach. The skills Angie provided me are ones that I look forward to suing throughout my life. ~Taylor G

“Angie was my first experience with HeartMath®. I wanted to explore meditation and learn about how to establish a regular practice. She taught me to breath into my heart. From there the universe opens & connects. Angie is a curious and a loving person who will help you learn how to care for yourself by connecting to a greater power & energy through meditation. I used to think taking care of myself just meant eating well, brushing my teeth and exercising. I learned that it also means going inside myself and actually acknowledging, loving and actively taking care of me as I would my child. If I am able to take the time and do that, my relationships can thrive. It’s not something we easily take time for. Angie helps encourage you to take the time. “
~Lauren G

 Angie Brown, Certified HeartMath® Provider

For over 15 years Angie has taught HeartMath, a system backed up by 30 years of science and techniques, that converts “stress lockdown” into free flowing energy that allows a life of creativity, productivity and personal fulfillment. By combining HeartMath with her own intuitive-heart guidance, Angie creates a safe and supportive environment where she gently leads you to discover your own heart’s wisdom. Angie teaches tools of self love and self care which prevent, manage, and reverse the effects of stress, many times revealing habitual patterns that have created life-long feelings of disempowerment, anxiety, fear, anger, frustration, lack and unfulfilling relationships. Angie will lead you on a power journey to realize your True Self and true Light. To learn more about your personalized heart journey.  Angie can provide a complimentary session to anyone new to HeartMath.


February 12
10:30 am


Yoga Integrated Science Wellness Center
211 Clover Lane Suite K
Louisville, KY 40207 United States
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