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DCAC Mind-Body Health and Fitness International Conference

August 1, 2013 @ 5:00 pm - August 4, 2013 @ 3:00 pm


Join Lauren for the following sessions:

Pre Conference Session

Course #: 712 Yoga I. S.® Anatomy and Asana: The Shoulder Complex with Lauren Eirk

Thursday 8/1/13 5:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.   REGISTER NOW

CEC’s: 4 RYT

All yoga teachers need to know anatomy…period. More and more health professionals are referring patients to Yoga classes, and if we want to be considered professionals, we have to do the work. The shoulder joint, dependent on primarily muscular integrity, is a precarious joint that commonly gets injured or overworked in certain activities. Shoulder problems can cause neck, elbow, wrist, and hand dis-function. In this workshop, learn the basic anatomy of the shoulder, complete with structural analysis, muscular influences, and mechanics of the joints of the shoulder. Specific Asanas from the system of Hatha Yoga will be thoroughly dissected to show how they can influence to the shoulder and why. Seeing anatomy come into action will make you understand how important it is to understand differences in structure. Learn why students will always have different interpretations and variations of poses, why some poses are better for certain individuals, and how to use Yoga to create shoulder joint integrity.

Cost: $98.00 before 6/30/13 $118.00 after 6/30/13

Main Conference Fri-Sun

209 Yoga I.S.® Fearlessness: Conquering Self-Imposed Limitations with Yoga

Certain postures in Yoga make us come face to face with ourselves. Through the practice of Yoga we learn to face our fears with calmness and awareness. In this workshop, safely progress your students into postures they never realized they could do, teaching them that it is our fear that keeps us stuck in whatever reality we think we have. Empower your students to live a better life on and off the mat!

248 Golden Yoga™ I.S. ®

Discover new ideas about how to teach Yoga to the ever-growing Senior population. This workshop will uncover and explain the realities of aging and the toll it can take on many individuals. Experience this Gentle Yoga practice will address how to deal with issues such as joint wear, tightness, weakness, balance issues, bone loss, inflammation, and overall deconditioning for this type of student. Help your students improve their overall attitude about aging.

287 Yoga I.S.® Pilates

Traditional Pilates mat exercises designed to strengthen the “core”, while improving range of motion, endurance, and overall posture. Yoga postures can be enhanced by traditional Pilates exercises each designed to strengthen the abdominal, back, hip and shoulder regions of the body. See the best of yoga and pilates united with biomechanical alignment cues to help your students get the most out of their practice.

313 Yoga I.S.® Journey Back to the Beginner’s Mind

Remember what it was like to be new at all this fitness and yoga? The experiences you had may be what your students are having right now. The gift of having the beginner’s mind is something all yoga teachers need to cultivate. Not only for those new students who are trying yoga for the first time, but those students who think they have learned all they need to know about certain poses and have gotten bored with their practice. In this workshop, uncover new experiential cues that will make you feel things you have never felt in poses you have done over and over. The beauty was always in the basics!

339 Yoga I.S.® Don’t Impose…Empower!

Moving another student further into a position without in-depth knowledge of not only anatomy, but the individual’s anatomy is malpractice! Adjusting from our words, our touch, our equipment, and our demonstration can be extremely detrimental if we are not aware of an individual’s limitations. No one can achieve the expression of Yoga Asana…that is also the beauty of Yoga! In this workshop, experience hands-on intelligent adjustment techniques in several yoga postures that will forever change your yoga experience.



August 1, 2013 @ 5:00 pm
August 4, 2013 @ 3:00 pm