RYS 300 Advanced Biomechanics of Hatha Yoga

Yoga Therapy has become a part of a many yoga trainings our world. There are many approaches that various Hatha Yoga Schools use that have been handed down for hundreds of years. At Yoga I.S. ®, learn real-world therapeutic approaches using the techniques that are unique to our trainings but based on the yogic tradition. This program will teach you in-depth about joint anatomy, the muscles that control them, and their mechanical ability to move joints in specific ranges. Learn how to address common conditions in a private or group setting by first employing specific range of motion evaluations and then how to apply them to specific Hatha Yoga Asanas in improving muscular balance. All courses are Friday-Sunday from 9:00am-5:30pm.

Course open to the public. Those seeking RYT hours will also perform additional 8-12 hours outside field work and study for each weekend. Total five weekends, or 165+ hours.

NOTE: The advanced therapeutic courses are not cumulative. They are open to yoga teachers, 200-hour RYTs, any health or fitness professional, and also the general public. 200-hour RYT Instructors can apply each of these courses to acquiring their 500-hour RYT.

Module 1 Lower Body Therapeutic Applications
Unit 1 Unit 1 – RYS 300 | Assignments for Lower Body Therapeutic Applications
Module 2 Trunk and Spine Therapeutic Applications
Unit 1 Unit 2 – RYS 300 | Assignments for Trunk and Spine Therapeutic Applications
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