RYS 200 Hour Course

This program is for anyone who wants to learn about the system of Yoga to deepen their practice or become a certified yoga instructor. This program will cover the origins of Hatha Yoga, historical and scientific information on flexibility and range of motion, structural anatomy and basic mechanics of lower body, trunk and spine, upper body and cervical regions of the body, and a comprehensive analysis of various applicable Hatha Yoga Poses.

Level One will also include an introduction to the science of adjusting, how to incorporate yoga props, yoga philosophy and ethics, pranayama/ breathing techniques and meditation, general sequencing techniques, the business of Yoga, and a daily yoga practice. Several of the most influential Yoga Styles and methods will be introduced, analyzed, and directly experienced.

Module 1 Weekend 1: Yoga Foundation
Unit 1 RYS 200 | Yoga Foundation Assignments
Module 2 Weekend 2: Science of Flexibility
Unit 1 RYS 200 | Science of Flexibility Assignments
Module 3 Weekend 3: Essential Biomechanics of Hatha Yoga
Unit 1 RYS 200 | Biomechanics of Hatha Yoga Assignments
Module 4 Weekend 4: CORE Yoga and Vinyasa
Unit 1 RYS 200 | CORE Yoga and Vinyasa Assignments
Module 5 Weekend 5: Science of Aging and Wellness
Unit 1 RYS 200 | Aging and Wellness Assignments
Module 6 Weekend 6: Align and Restore
Unit 1 RYS 200 | Align and Restore Assignments
Module 7 Weekend 7: Meditation, Methodology, and Management
Unit 1 RYS 200 | Meditation, Methodology, and Management Assignment
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