This is Yoga

Yoga is so much bigger than studio practice. Recently, Lululemon started a campaign called, ‘This is Yoga’ and I couldn’t be more on board with their message. Yoga has become so popular and with that, its message has become increasingly … Continue Reading

On Being

I tip toe over to dim the lights and quiet the music.  Students are now lying comfortably on their mats, their bodies relaxed from their physical yoga practice.  There’s generally an audible sigh or two and a sense of ease … Continue Reading

The Long Journey HOME

When a student approaches me now to say that they enjoyed my class, it’s not because I’m good a cueing them about positioning their body, it’s because I’ve woken something up in them that was there all along. I teach because I feel passionately about it and I see how yoga has changed my life. It has been a gift to me and I want to share it with anyone open to receiving it. Continue Reading