Yoga I.S.® for Active Aging

It appears that once someone begins the process of on-going neglect in their fitness and health, the deterioration of joint structure, the loss of muscle, the loss of organ system efficiency, and the ability of the body to handle physical, chemical, or emotional stress become the primary factors in our ability to participate in his or her life. Continue Reading

Sensory Perception At Work In Yoga

The work I do as a dancer and OT infuses my yoga classes with a light-hearted energy and acknowledges the sensory systems involved in practicing yoga. I discuss how balance is the result of a number of body systems working together: the eyes (visual system), ears (vestibular system), and the body’s sense of where it is in space (proprioception). Continue Reading

Health Lessons from the Plumber

One of people’s worst nightmares is opening your mail and noticing an extremely high water bill when you know that your water usage has not increased. This happened to me recently and although it was a very expensive ordeal, it verified what I know as a health professional. After investigation, it came to light that there was a water leak under my dryer in the foundation of my home near my water heater. Several options were given to me and the biggest factors were: 1) Inconvenience 2) Cost 3) Outcome 4) Time & Commitment. Continue Reading