Health Lessons from the Plumber

One of people’s worst nightmares is opening your mail and noticing an extremely high water bill when you know that your water usage has not increased. This happened to me recently and although it was a very expensive ordeal, it verified what I know as a health professional. After investigation, it came to light that there was a water leak under my dryer in the foundation of my home near my water heater. Several options were given to me and the biggest factors were: 1) Inconvenience 2) Cost 3) Outcome 4) Time & Commitment. Continue Reading

Progressive teaching: Patience with the Student

“How many “licks” does it take to get the center of the tootsie roll pop?” In case you missed it, the commercial starred an owl cartoon character who attempts to conduct the experiment by counting his licks, as he tastes his candy-filled tootsie roll pop….Can we use this analogy as teachers? How do we savor the flavor for our students to get them to arrive to answers on their own time? Continue Reading