Could Your Yoga Be Making Your Hamstrings Tighter?

If people are stretching their hamstrings so much in Yoga, why are we still tight?

Looking at the complexity of this muscle group, the hamstrings themselves are often called biarticular, or two-jointed muscles because they attach at the knee and the pelvis. Their ability to perfom at the hip depends on the position of the knee and our relationship to force | direction of force. (Kapandji, 2011) Continue Reading

Downward Facing Dog 101

Downward Facing Dog (also known as adho-mukha svanasana) is probably one of the most famous yoga poses in Western culture. This standing pose is a great strength builder for shoulder muscles, abdominals, spinal erectors, hamstrings and ankle muscles when used … Continue Reading

Plank Pose 101

Everyone knows plank pose is a challenging position. When done strategically, it requires every muscle in your body to work together. What most people don’t realize is that plank can be stressful when inappropriately progressed for certain individuals: not giving … Continue Reading

This is Yoga

Yoga is so much bigger than studio practice. Recently, Lululemon started a campaign called, ‘This is Yoga’ and I couldn’t be more on board with their message. Yoga has become so popular and with that, its message has become increasingly … Continue Reading

On Being

I tip toe over to dim the lights and quiet the music.  Students are now lying comfortably on their mats, their bodies relaxed from their physical yoga practice.  There’s generally an audible sigh or two and a sense of ease … Continue Reading