Beach-Ready POP UP Classes with RYT-200 Miami Yoga Instructor Eric Semet May 26-28!

eric-2016-169x300Remember Eric?  He is coming in for a visit!  Eric was one of our first teachers at Yoga IS and we are so excited to welcome him back for a limited engagement for some fun pop-up classes!  If you don’d know him, Eric Semet was born in France, Eric came to the States after earning a BA in English and Linguistics from the Université de Bourgogne, in Dijon.  A year in New Hampshire and multiple trips to France later, he decided to move to the States permanently where he settled down in Kentucky and got his MA in French Literature from the University of Louisville.

After three years of teaching French and fourteen years in a market research company, growing increasingly frustrated and “bored with my job”, it is a car accident that brought Eric to a yoga studio. Seeing no improvement with a traditional approach to yoga, Eric came to Yoga Integrated Science™ Wellness Center where he discovered a different approach to yoga rooted the study of exercise mechanics, anatomy, and a specific strength-building approach.  Eric says, “I realized what is good for the goose may not be good for the gander, or what was good for this cow might not work for the other cow, and by the way I am not a cow (….), it was getting obvious traditional yoga was not for me, Lauren gave me the answers I so desperately wanted.”

Eric got his RYT-200 from Yoga Integrated Science in 2013 and started teaching right away.  His approach to yoga is not traditional and involves a great deal of humor.  Known for being athletic and teaching challenging classes, he quickly developed a group of students who enjoyed his style.  After years of patience Eric moved to Miami where he can now take care of all his tropical plants and exotic orchids which are another passion of his.  Eric is paying us a visit and it will be packed full of stories about his journey.  He has promised to give us some “yoga à la Eric with a touch of Miami”  Come see him in the following Yoga POP UP classes available online:Eric-six-2016-169x300

“Be Hip” | Thursday May 26 5:00-6:00pm                                 

eric-three-2016-300x169Better be strong if you want to be hip.  You can’t look cool if you stumble and fall.  The class will focus on strengthening the hips.  External rotation, internal rotation, flexion, extension, we will do it all. Start the class humble, leave the class strong and have fun along the way.

 “Killer Core” | Friday May 27 12:00-1:00pm (In place of Yoga IS Mechanix)

Yes we can! Be strong and be smart, learn how to work on your core during a strength-based class.  Do what you can, not what others can do, there is NO pressure.  Let’s observe our bodies and understand were our limitations are.  Most importantly, smile. The class will involve some Pilates moves.

“Beach Ready” | Saturday May 28 9:30am-10:30am (In place of Yoga Anatomy Flow)Eric-Four-2016-300x169

Third class in the series, this class will involve a combination of the two previous classes with a twist.  Strong core, strong hips, and a strong back, who wants to stoop when you are walking along the beach?  Yoga with an attitude, bring the Miami style to Louisville.


All classes will get you ready for your summer vacation. Start planning now!