Au Revoir 2016, bon débarras!

15878878_10211641340571161_1681157841_nSome of you may be happy 2016 is finally over.  Others will remember 2016 as a good year.  Truly, a year is never good nor bad, some Ying will always come with the Yang.

I leave 2016 with a bag of mixed emotions.  Come to think of it, I should leave that bag out the door.  There is no reason to keep it.  Unless you put your emotions and memories in a gorgeous Hermes bag, there is no excuse for keeping regrets, bitterness and disappointment of all kinds with you in 2017.  I do not know of anyone who keeps a Hermes bag for that purpose, but if you do, please let me know.  I may be interested in the bag. If the bag is not interesting, the owner certainly will be.

2016 for me meant job loss and loss of my father.  Trips to France which usually bring great joy ended up in sorrow.  On the other end of the spectrum, I had a wonderful time in Louisville during my visit.  I was able to teach at my beloved yoga studio, which remains my home away from home.  I moved to Miami close to three years ago.  During that time Yoga Integrated Science has grown and is now Yoga Integrated Wellness Center.  For the students who are reading this article, you know Yoga I.S. was always much more than a yoga studio. There were many positive aspects to my visit, but one particularly strikes out: it put at rest doubts I was starting to have about my teaching method.

As I am typing, I am wondering where I am going and what brought me to writing in the first place.  That was long in the coming, but here we go (warning for you baby yogi, with age comes rambling).  Three, two, one, here comes a hodgepodge of thoughts.

We started the new year a few days ago.  A lot of people among us made January resolutions.  My goal this year you may ask?  I will spend more time combing my unicorn.  It is very therapeutic, you may want to try.  However, my resolution is of no importance.  Am I fooling myself?  Are you fooling yourself?  Are we really fooling anyone?

Do you think that new outfit you just bought last week on to wear to class is going to make a difference?  Is it really good timing for that kind of purchase?  You have been overindulging since Thanksgiving, half way hibernating through a Kentucky Winter.  If anyone asked, you would deny the fact you had to buy one size up so you could fit into it and not look like a polish sausage.  I prefer to think of myself as a boudin?  French people know what a boudin is (do NOT look it up, you will be grossed out for no reason).  We frenchies know it so well we made a verb out of it “boudiner”.  After the holidays, who does not “boudine”?  Come Spring, your new top will be too large to wear.  Do you really want to sport that really new cool top now when you are not at your best.  I know you promised yourself you would come to class more often now that you have that new “Lulu Orange” overpriced top, but be honest with yourself, are you going to?

Another example: the new mat!  Let’s look into the brand new mat you are proudly laying down with a lot of noise.  You are going to come to class more often because you have a new mat.  It is clean, it smells nice.  I can’t think of anything else at the moment but I am sure you can come up with reasons/excuses to justify the purchase.  Ask yourself, is that mat going to make a difference?  How about NOT starting the year with a new mat knowing it is going to feel quite stiff and slippery at first?  I can already hear the “My new mat just did not feel right  and I never got around to change it ”

So here we are, what are you going to grab out of your “2016 bag”.  Let go of the negative (not an easy thing to do), but make sure to bring your good old mat and your comfortable yoga clothes with you.  Wait a couple months, then treat yourself to new clothes or a new mat.  They will be your reward for coming to the studio and practicing regularly.

Happy New Year!

Your Dung Beetle always

Eric Semet, MA, Certified Yoga I.S.® Instructor
Miami, FL.