Class Descriptions

Beginning Yoga I.S. ®

New to yoga? Want a more instructional class on the tenants of the Yoga I.S. method?. Only an hour, this is a great class to improve strength, flexibility, and mental focus.

Meditation 101

Studies have shown that regular meditation can help us live longer, happier, more productive lives.  We will help you develop the habit here, with a short hatha yoga practice that leads to powerful meditation.  MAKE time for this class.  You will be utterly AMAZED at the positive effects this will have on your life!

Pilates I.S.®

Traditional Pilates mat exercises designed to strengthen the “core”, or the trunk hip, and shoulder regions.  This class is designed to improve range of motion, muscular endurance, and improve overall posture. At Yoga IS, learn to do Pilates the RIGHT way, with proper progression, intense cueing in order to maximize training results in strength improve overall joint integrity.

Pilates I.S. Barre™

This class is unique to Yoga I.S.® Studios.  Experience intervals of trunk training, with mechanically sound Pilates mat exercises with standing hip work the is both ballet inspired and Pilates themed.  Great class for abs, back, and hips while training foot and ankle stability with fun music and creative sequences.

Tai Chi I.S.™

Tai chi is a self-healing system of slow, graceful exercises that combine movement, meditation and rhythmic breathing to improve the flow of chi which is thought to prevent illness and improve well-being. Research suggests that tai chi may reduce stress, lower blood pressure and help improve posture, balance, muscle tone, flexibility and strength. Open to all levels.  Treat yourself to this at least once a week!  Offered Tuesday at 10:45am and Thursday at 6:00pm

Viniyoga Practice

This Viniyoga class is therapeutic and breath-centered. The class incorporates Viniyoga principles, to build strength, flexibility and balance. It emphasizes individual awareness that supports self-discovery, self-healing, and self-transformation. Dr. Lisa Bauman, who is extensively trained in this tradition, will be teaching the Viniyoga methodology of of 1) Breath linked with movement  2) Repetition in postures to identify & help change any dysfunctional neuromuscular movement patterns  3) Static postures for building strength, endurance, and inner purification.  All levels of experience are welcome (this includes beginners)

Yoga I.S. Barre™

Using  the barre as a Yoga Prop to intensify postures and completely change your experience, this class is the best of ballet  with Yoga Poses that require hip stability and core strengthening. The Ballet Barre will be used to assist in balance and one legged postures.  Experience creative sequences and great music to inspire you!

Note: Yoga and Pilates Barre classes will incorporate a variety of equipment such as elastic bands, pilates magic circles, inflatable small resistance balls, weighted bars, and/or dumbbells for variety and challenge.

Yoga I.S. ® Fusion

Want variety?  This class fuses the best of Power, Vinyasa, Hatha, Yoga Mechanics, and Pilates to get in touch with your zen while cultivating the beginner’s mind.  This class is a fun, mindful workout for all levels!

Yoga I.S. ® Gentle

This class is for anyone new to yoga or those just wanting a more gentle class. Complete with proper alignment for the individual in basic yoga postures, detailed information on breathing techniques, many modifications, and restorative poses.

Yoga I.S. ® Hatha

General Yoga class using various asanas/postures and teaching techniques to bring about strength, stability, flexibility and calmness of mind.

Yoga I.S. ® Kids

Kids love to move and explore. In this 60 minute class children will get to explore the world of yoga through creative movement, music, stories, games and crafts. Each class will use developmentally appropriate activities to engage young minds and bodies.  Children will learn how their bodies move, develop coordination and concentration, learn how to relax and focus in a non-competitive environment.  This class must be paid for separately.  For more information, check our online schedule.

Yoga I.S. Mechanix™

Our signature class that cannot be found anywhere else in the country! Developed by resistance training specialist Lauren Eirk, this class incorporates dumbbells, elastic tubing, and weighted bars in addition to traditional yoga props to add new challenges and new understanding to your existing yoga practice. This class will not only give you an amazing workout, it will also deepen your understanding of yoga asana (poses)!

Yoga I.S. ® Power Hour

Try our take on the classic “Power Yoga” workout! This class is more athletic in nature, concentrating on standing poses, arm balancing, and trunk training. Great for athletes and those Yoga students wanting strong hatha practice.

Yoga I.S. ® Vinyasa

Creative yoga sequences each designed help your body to achieve the best results possible. Linking yoga postures with the cycle of the breath in a dance-like feel, this class includes detailed cues on modifications, proper alignment, and form. A fun, flowing, great workout for all levels. Room is heated to 75+ degrees in Warm Vinyasa classes to add a new challenge

Yogalates I.S.™

Yoga and Pilates intervals to work the core, strengthen the feet & hips, plus improve respiration and concentration. This class is sure to give you a fun, variety filled practice!